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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010


The Brother Gardeners
Andrea Wulf
Alfred A. Knoff , New York 2009

On an early summer's day 1n 1716, Thomas Fairchild went into his Hoxton garden, closed the door of his potting shed and set in motion a chain of events so momentous that in time no gardener would ever think about plants in the same way again. At the same time, it let Fairchild, a devout Christian, to live in fear of God's wrath for the rest of his life.

That is the first paragraph of this wonderful book, with excellent illustrations, bibliography and references. If you are a native from one of those countries originally under the British Empire, even if you are not, you will have great reading pleasure.

Another requirement to enjoy it, is some interest in history, botany, botanical names,
plant collecting and so forth...Evidently, England has done a lot for gardening. This activity is what I do and enjoy more in life. If you want to go beyond the surface, your
intellect will appreciate it.

SOME FANS may wonder how much time I spend in the garden. Well, I sweep daily,

sometimes twice a day, daily, monitor for insects, watch everything carefully to
see any odd events, with Diva, the Cyperus lover dog, this is alternated with ball games, throw and fetch kind. Even in her senior years, Diva keeps that joy and quick
energy, present in many happy children, when the time to play comes. Determine which garden activity has to be done right away or later.. Out of the seven days I spent, twenty hours between this and that on the premises. A little less if it rains...

The eradication of Bejuco de puerco and Wedelia trilobata in the south garden, is almost complete and the area looks more tidy. It was done in three stages to avoid that anxiety that once in a while arrives suddenly when getting into tedious, unpleasant tasks. This is one of them. Getting rid of vines behaving like grass with rhizomes/stolons, a real pain.

Other events more or less interesting were traditional relocation from one bed
to a better one, pot to bed or vice versa.. A Bauhinia blakeana has taken the place,
pot and corner of the now in Guerrilla Territory, Thevetia peruviana. By the way
I went to check it finding it on the ground. It was too heavy on top, plus the ground somewhat saturated..Got rid of some branches, looking sharp, and is now with the Tamarindus indica close by, the Maguey and the DK, in the chosen triangular space.

The forgotten Crotton slow as nothing else is now in a new spot, 3 species of Tradescantias were propagated to substitute the eradicated ones, the Bauhinia
tomentosa is now in a new pot looking refreshed. Clitoria ternatea, Merremia
quinquefolia were planted from seeds to increase the vegetation volume in the metal fence in the north garden.

Some white flies were discovered in the Murrayas paniculatas. It is a problem that
comes and goes. They were sprayed and that was that. In general there are not many
pests in the garden. The amount of lizards, birds, spiders take care of them.. Once in
a while snails come, so do beetles, but it is not a great concern because the damage
is mostly aesthetic.

Finally, collected seeds from the Cosmos sulphereous to spread them by the Guerrilla Territory. And that is that, time to go....

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Stephanie dijo...

Antigonum, thank you for sharing your daily gardening experience. It's nice to know about the plants that are in your garden. I see that you do have a number of pretty vines.

Oh, I like the yellow Plumeria that's shown here. Very pretty. I have problem germinating a dwarf Plumeria seed of similar colour. I have failed three times already. Wish me luck ;-)

Thanks for sharing that gardening book. You have reminded me of my long term project in book writing. I hope to see one simple and good illustration and text for the children here. I hope to write one gardening book for children one day. And for adults also.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Out of every five Plumerias I try to propagate by cut stems two or more
pass away. The soil has to be really dry, with once in a while watering. If during the rainy season keep them under roof, that was my problem, they will not tolerate excess humidity and rot rather quickly.

From seeds,a pink variety, my record
is about 50/50. When I fail I increase the amount of possibilities, in different pots
light intensity and so on. One last resource if from cut stems, try rooting hormones. And good luck.

I am into vines, thanks to Antigonon leptopus, one of my first memories
of plants as a child. In Puerto Rico, one finds only a few vines are
used frequently or available, Allamandas and Mandevillas are over used and since
they are woody, have their problems.

I believe you could write a book of anything. Determine what you think is important from your perspective,
besides the element of what is fun,
adjust the illustration/story to that, for children or adults, and there. If I could write,
with discipline I would.

I appreciate your your words and feedback. Until next...Thanks!

Stephanie dijo...

Thanks to you! You have given me much advice and encouragement :-D