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viernes, 15 de enero de 2010


IT HAS RAINED for the last thirty six hours. All is wet, even the air. It has finally cooled as it should during this season. November and December were too hot, I know.
You are thinking global warming. I remind you concrete/asphalt. All that heat absorbed and irradiated at night...

Yesterday I went to monitor the guerrilla garden. I found the Maguey, of the Agavaceas, similar in shape and color, to the Blue Agave if you are into tequila. One
of the illiterate members of the weed whackers squad, had pulled it out and thrown
ten feet from where I had planted it. Why you may wonder? I do not know. The laborers into gardening shores here, are among the most feeble minded segment of
the general feeble minded population.

The trimmers obliterated the twenty four Cosmos sulphureous reported recently. The tall grass, with plenty of seeds for the small birds, was also eliminated. ANY wild vegetation adequate for this type of urban space destroyed. Any tree, bush, vine, plants, with objective or subjective natural value gone. Nonetheless your humble servant planted the victim again where it was. Collected some pods of Pithelobium dulce. I had a chance to taste it. Not bad. The texture and flavor not out of this world
but with gastronomical possibilities. If you have tried the fruit from the Tamarindus indica, you may like this one. However, while on the tree it opens spirally, dark brown in the outside,
reddish borders, revealing the white pulp, hiding the dark seeds. Birds love it. I think that it could be used for juice, some deserts with imagination. I finished the adventure planting some seeds in adequate places, knowing their slim odds to reach adulthood.

In the home garden, the weight of the rain has bended some of those who tend to grow in a vertical versus wide, Hibiscus, Murrayas, Cosmos, Turnera ulmiforme and others.
After it has rained, is probably the best time to plant, relocate, propagate, but not for
pruning, since wetness increases the possibilities of spreading diseases.

Taking advantage of the situation the following from the north garden went south: Pseuderantemun carrutherssi/reticulatum. By accident. These two bushes are perfect
to create texture, color contrasts. One is a variegated purple, the other a chartreuse green that gets darker as time go by.. I did not think of the eventual effect until later. The other two were some ferns that I am not two fond of. These ferns belong to a group of plants found in the residence when we moved. I left them to keep some of the original vegetation, hoping that some day I may grow to like them, a little more. Somehow one's tastes are beyond analysis. Ferns are generally overused. In some contexts their architectural shape is spectacular but not always. Some are really beautiful, but have the same problem as the following: Gingers, Heliconias, Bejuco de puerco and Wedelia trilobata. You have to watch them constantly or
they will take the whole garden. I used these two ferns because they may grow nicely in this corner of the south.

After the success with the Yucca manihot, and the batatas, (Ipomoeas) I will start a pot
plantation, in one of my fiberglass rectangular ones to see what happens. This reminds
in terms of edible gardening for the tropics, perhaps it would be more pragmatic to plant tubers of all kinds instead of just herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and such. To do something original, swapping this for that, bartering among the gardeners should be the goal. I have so many lemons, capsicum that often I have to give some away, unable to use them. If planting is done with a purpose, many people will benefit, the hungry ones and the not so....

To finish with some thought provoking information... The Chinese are moving in a direction that will certainly surpass the USA in environmental destruction. In thirty
years they have destroyed as much as this country in a hundred and fifty. The Meckong River is one of their victims, along with other countries sharing it and building dams to the left and right reducing the amount of flow reaching Vietnam.
This in turn will eliminate sediment/nutrition and voila,,,a two billion dollar fishing
industry feeding the surrounding population gone....

China again is into the nuclear reactors fever...To reduce the GLOBAL WARMING,
believe or not.. This are the people that make toys with lead, poison in tooth paste,
killing chemicals in milk, will construct a HUGE river to bring water to desert areas.
And so long and so forth. This country is certainly going to screw up the WORLD, particularly ASIA.

India, is moving in the same direction, destroying the environment will reach a similar amount of inhabitants as China, in 2025. If these two countries follow the USA consumption models: cars, private houses, highways and malls it will be interesting to speculate as to how will they feed those rabbit like propagating people in one hand,
and the most significant: how do you built water treatment plants for sewage for such amount of people? Who will pay for it? Without clean water there is no possibility of any kind of life. With or without quality.

Dubai, the fools from this little piece of hell hole are the idiot CHAMPIONS of the world after my compatriots of Puerco Rico. How do take water up to the highest building of the WORLD? Imagine the cost of a gallon of water in that desert, mostly
concrete and asphalt? Burning fossil fuels 24/7 to keep electricity running to keep
those concrete buildings cool day and night for ever and ever. Is there something more
stupid on earth? What about those sinking islands in the shape of hated PALMS?
Who is going to buy these houses sinking in the ocean? How much will the be the cost
of the maintenance? Where do you go for fun the sand dunes or the malls? Perhaps
ice skating under roof. One interesting finance number is the one hundred billion
bucks, this foolish sheiks owe. Good luck to them...

The sheiks will have some difficulty to pay those real estate loans, however who cares?
The worst scenario would be a bankrupt country, nothing new if you think of Haiti.
However there are similarities between Dubai and the cultures that built pyramids
Mexicans/Egyptians. All those silly, useless, unnecessary buildings in that country will
be a monument not to inventive, but to stupidity and arrogance. Just for the afterlife.
Sorry for the shooting. Time to go....

From the Editors

The information presented
is taken from the NY Times,
the rest is
my world known humble
Nothing is fiction

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