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domingo, 3 de enero de 2010


THE NAZIS were the wise ones, probably the first, to use a lie with the efficiency of an advertising campaign transforming it, converting it in
certain, a truth true repetition. The feeble minds within the government ranks in Puerco Rico, USA, probably 95% of all elected officials and employees will start promoting rum. "Puerto Rican Rum", in USA and perhaps far beyond.

I see the lameness of it and want to share it with you. If you drink gin or
vodka, perhaps you will be attracted to the color. There is nothing else in common. The exception are caramel colored rums, that I assume are more
attractive to single malt, blended scotch, bourbon, and similar to discriminating drinkers in the world.

The intention is to increase the drinking to rise the tax revenue to pay
the isle national debt that as you know, is probably the same problem in your country. At any fiscal crisis, lets make a loan. But I will not get into that since you got my drift.

As part of this 'original' campaign, to improve the "reputation of rum" a group of mixologists/bartenders will be exported to different drinking holes in America, the country, with new rum recipes in an attempt to grasp the clear alcohol(vodka/gin) drinkers in those prairies/concrete/asphalt megalopolis.

In this concrete/asphalt platform in the Caribbean, the favorite rums are
Palo Viejo, Ron Llave, Don Q and Bacardi, in that order, from what I see
in my drinking oasis. There are others for export, but who cares, if one lives here. The point is that Bacardi, the last in sales here, is the first one in USA, with million of cases sold annually.

As an horticultural creative critic, sugar cane is originally a plant, a tall grass with impressive flowers, remember the subject in the first paragraph. There are no Puerco Rican Rums since there is no SUGAR CANE in Puerto Rico! The molasses are imported from that beautiful island of Dominican Republic. I suggest that either ALL PUERTO RICAN
denominated RUMS start to plant, collect and grind sugar cane in Puerto Rico, or move to any country with sugar cane plantations and abundant cheap labor.

At one point CUBA was the headquarters of the BACARDI family, originally from SPAIN. They moved in a timely fashion to Catanho, Puerto Rico, not long after the victory against imperialism in 1959. Therefore if BACARDI Puerco Rico, claims to be the best rum in the world, lets give some credit to that island. One in a group, where this humble blog spanning the globe, has no readers. Sure, I am aware of
the web situation and freedom of speech down there, but that is no excuse.

I remember reading as a younger fellow of the failure of a gigantic Cuban
sugar cane crop in the sixties. Over 10 million tons was the goal. But there was a blunder. Some fools bought some tractor machines to cut/pick the sugar cane. Unfortunately, they also picked up dirt, rocks, stones. Imagine the results when all the collected material was dropped in the mills! They blew up.... and that was that. Sugar cane as far as I see, has to be cut by hand. A miserable, perhaps one of the worst jobs in agriculture, due to the itchiness on the skin by the leaves and the tropical heat. However, it is a good work out.

To finish in some logical fashion. Drinking alcohol is no different than
smoking herb, snorting a few lines. It is a way of socializing or destroying oneself, other selves while driving, or while watching boring, prone to leave players crazy or with Alzheimer, American football.

These feeble minded Puercorican officials, should have thought of going to the former Soviet Satellites with this bright rum ad campaign. If they conquer that VODKA market, they will probably pay the national isle debt accumulated for the last four decades in four years; have some extra cash to bribe their officials and save some for themselves.. What? You are right, no mentioning of that possibility. Time to go...

Sorry there is no room for
Cocoa. But sometime in the
near future. Hint:
cultivators and producers
galaxies apart.

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