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sábado, 2 de enero de 2010


IT IS REALLY amazing the amount of money many people are willing to spend in their residences to have all those sensations in the tittle. While at home, or after leaving the premises. However, it seems that not many think of the whole picture in the long run, particularly the most important, AESTHETICS.

It is easy, perhaps also expensive, to build a wall lets say eight feet, with concrete, cinder blocks, rocks, wood, galvanized steel, iron, you name it. But what about the breeze? Light? With some of these materials there will be none.

What about privacy and quiet? With iron and galvanized steel you get
air and light but not the others. What to do? THINK! That is the first
step. Determine destruction of the soil, noise, pollution/dust around while all the action takes place.

Any kind of fence may require barbed wire on top, or that razor blade serpentine that will surely give your residence the sexy appearance of a concentration camp or the county jail!

For all the above inconveniences I planted the
Bouganvillea that appears to the right of the blog . This corner of the residence is the only one could climb without much difficulty. Some can grow really tall, and not straight, one has to guide the branches with tutors, not pruning. Unless you do not mind being a pruning slave.

The thorns are really effective. I know, since every time I cut off a few branches, no matter how careful I am, I get pricked.
Bouganvilleas, originally from Brasil, come in many colors to match or contrast your walls. I do not know of any small tree/bush more versatile for dry/hot climates for this purpose.

Pereskia bleo is a bushy plant with more thorns than necessary. Some may reach eight/ten feet, with a vertical tendency. It provides beauty, security, with impressive delicate orange flowers similar to those of many cacti, since they are relatives. Pereskias will enhance any garden. It is propagated by cut stems and not difficult at all.

Finally, if you live in some neck of the woods any cacti will be efficient for privacy. Since you are all intelligent and pragmatic fellows I do not have
to stress that children/pets, areas with constant pedestrian traffic are not
the best places to plant THORNS.

Vines, climbers of any kind will also provide privacy, security, fragrance, and quiet for a simple reason. It is almost impossible to climb any surface
with thick vegetation. Now, if you add the thorn element to the maze of branches all over the walls, you have created a fairly safe natural environment that is more attractive, definitely less costly, improving the aesthetics of your residence.

Not many people will tell you, or write about this. I do not know why, but
is one more example why this a lonely blog within the crowd. It requires patience to have a great, well thought garden. Horticulture/gardening is more than putting a seed/cut stem in a hole...Time to go.

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