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domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


IT WAS recently on BBC. Some black fellows from that continent being whipped by the police native forces. Apparently some bored Italians, used them as target practice. The victims retaliated unwisely, destroying
private property. Lucky them Africans when one think of it. Had it been 5o years ago in USA, in the south or any other region/area where they are still not welcome, the story would have been a little different for the blacks....probably hanging from trees.

Since no one invited them, all are illegal, that is the price to pay. What I do not comprehend is the brouhaha about their infra humane housing/living conditions. They are exactly the same, never worst, as their countries of origin, except for the cold, snow, rain of the season.

SPAIN. The news presented stories of Spain nationals, who went on holidays, finding Romanians and Nigerians have taken residence with all their belongings, in their apartments at their return. Up till recently it was almost impossible to get rid of tenants unwilling to pay rent. The procedures in court would take a year or longer. Now all has
changed with a new law expediting both situations in thirty days. Pretty
similar as what takes place in NY City.

The shooting and beating up of migrants also takes place here. Prostitutes or sex workers in Spain are over 95% immigrants from Romania, Nigeria, South, Central America and the Caribbean. They are
exposed since they spend most of their time in the streets waiting for

MEXICO. From my perspective, in USA the situation is radically different. If you review the relationship between Mexico and USA, you will find that one third of the territory of the latter, was stolen/taken in that silly war moons ago. Therefore, MEXICANS are not entering a territory/country where they are not WELCOME. They are entering legally or illegally to the lands stolen from their ancestors in an
unfair, unnecessary war. That makes their immigration very peculiar since there seems that no other countries share this situation.

Immigration is consequence of over population, destruction of the environment and inept governments. Look at the countries providing
all these mostly ugly, welcome/unwelcome migrants. They are in four continents. Democracies and dictatorships alike. It is getting worse and there is no room for change.

In the case of CHINA, the immigration is from country to city to work for peanuts. It seems that the capacity to exploit others has no ethnic, cultural, social boundaries. The destruction of the environment, building 24/7 in China and some other countries in the region will have dire consequences soon. With the wild changes in climatic conditions, it is going to be hard to cultivate enough rice, to have one cup a day.

Migration is a rule in nature. Whales, birds, turtles to name a few travel in season to search for warmth, food, rest. The earth used to provide for
all, before men destroyed their habitats in every conceivable way.

Now the problem of people procreating as rabbits traveling, entering illegally to countries that are getting fed up with the situation has reached the limits. Some jerks with blindfolds will attribute the REJECTION of ugly people to RACISM. But think for a moment of countries like SPAIN,
ITALY, TURKEY. They are not dark if you compare, many are blond with blue eyes. They were certainly not welcome in Germany, Switzerland during the sixties, was that also racism? I believe that one do not want strangers around, ugly or not around, even if they speak the same language. Puerco Rico is no different. But I will not get into that.

This is getting too long. Is time to go. But a final word. I was a migrant
in USA for half my life, lived for 18 months in Deutschland, during my
time as a freedom fighter in German discos in the 70's. What I think
is result of what I have lived. And with clear sight, everything we do
is possible thanks to air, water, food and a roof. Life will not remain
if the destruction continues for anyone, flora or fauna.

I could stay in my garden admiring my Frangipanis, writing only about that, or the beauty of the Spindalis, hummingbirds,or the singing of the always high in some perch mockingbird that is on his performance while
I write these lines, but sorry, it does not suffice. Now I leave.

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Juanml dijo...

A pesar de ser un inmigrante (no importa lo que diga el pasaporte) una vez mas comparto lo que dices. Mi experiencia ha sido un poco diferente por haber vivido en ciudades con baja poblacion de inmigrantes, con decirte que en mi antiguo trabajo despues de 8 años fue que por primera vez tuve un compañero de trabajo latino (si habian otros inmigrantes pero Europeos). Lamentablemente (y se que suena feo) hay un serio problema de calidad, una gran proporcion de los que dejan sus paises de origen tienen muy baja escolaridad y lamentablemente hay una relacion directa entre ignorancia y "problemas", y de ahi el rechazo hacia esos grupos (hablo en sentido general).

Por bien o por mal el problema se intensificara, pues mientras mas hambre y miseria exista (y la tendencia es que aumenta) mas personas se iran desplazando de un lugar a otro en busca de mejor vida. A veces, en dias de verano, despues de cortar la grama, me siento en el patio y pienso en el tema, pues me viene a la mente que en otros "lugares" se estuvieran escuchando las bocinas con musica a todo dar, y ahi vendria el primer "choque" con el vecindario, Ud. me entiende asi que no tengo que abundar, se me cuida y saludos.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Pues habiendo sido emigrante media vida
en USA, percibi la antipatia que por sus habitos, naturaleza, sentido del espacio, incapacidad para modular la voz, siempre gritando, cogiendo la calle, espacio publico, y privatizarlo
estacionando autos para arreglarlos por semanas o meses como se hace por aca.

La apestosa comida del Caribe y del Asia en apartamentos con calefaccion
es repugnante. Invade todo el edificio, particularmente en los mas

El volumen y la musica! Si fuera musica de cierto tipo digamos Jazz,
o del Japon, India, Gorecki, Stravinski, cosas asi habria alguna

Pero nuestra musica es un sonsonete
intolerable, y NADIE tiene la capacidad o inteligencia acustica
de reducir el BAJO, para disminuir
el alboroto.

Fijese Juanmi que estos son los factores mas relevantes para mi.

Encima se meten diez donde caben 4.
La calidad de emigrantes que llega
a Europa, ilegalmente, al igual que
la de USA, es mano de obra barata e
inutil, sin educacion. Solo trabajar
como un burro es la meta...

Luego quieren que se acepte obligatoriamente, la esposa, los
cuatro hijos, abuelos, tios y primos.

Culpables que lo hacen posible?
LOS caseros que les estafan cobrando
rentas excesivas, y los duenhos de empresas que les dan EMPLEO, pagandoles una miseria..

Por tanto hay que encarcelar a todo
casero, duenho de empresa que se lucre con la ilegalidad.

A mi los cuentos del mejor futuro,
no me dicen nada...Si el emigrante
fuera a trabajar que trabaje y se
regrese a su pais, especialmente aquel que solo tiene capacidad
para ser burro de carga. Pero ir
a imponer sus valores, idioma, cultura a la canhona en el pais que le acoge, me parece una pendejada abusiva..
O igual a pedir limosna con escopeta.

Agradezco sus palabras y visita..