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viernes, 8 de enero de 2010


IF YOU are a regular here, the tittle will sound familiar. If not, let it be.
I planted one Thevetia peruviana, from seed, in a pot 3 years ago. It was collected right in front of a landmark cemetery in Santurce, where Ismael Rivera, is buried. An OLD lady sell flowers under it. At the time, I did not
know the name of it, but found it attractive, not a common place, nor being aware of the incredible amount of daily organic waste it drops, in terms of seeds/flowers/leaves. It is something that I became aware watching Tito Collazo, the graphic artist from ESPIRAL, who has one similar, twenty years old, while he cleaned.

AFTER the intense rains of yesterday, I decided without much pondering
to plant the Thevetia, with the company of the Tamarindus indica and DK in the area described previously by the train station in Sagrado Corazon. I feel it has
a fifty/fifty percent of possibilities to survive the illiterate municipal trimmer weed whacking squad in a near future.

This morning from the time I took it off the twenty gallon pot, remove some soil from the ball, placed it in the light weight trash can, walked the
six blocks to the planting area, digging the whole and planting it, thirty
minutes went by.

If you, no matter where you live, read this, and feel something is wrong with your surroundings, in terms of the environment, why wait for the government, private/avaricious enterprises to solve it? Do something. I have noticed that Cosmos sulpherous or any other self seeding plant is excellent for Guerrillagardening. Some I spread on mostly gravel
have survived. There are twenty, between four inches to twelve in height. Try to spread them once a week or every two week. This will give them a chance to survive the weed whackers or lack of water. Preferably during a rainy season or days....You will not have to irrigate increasing the survival rate....

One thing is evident. You should not go like a fool and install a garden in
the third world as Puercorico, without experimenting. Plant something
that may be recognized by the illiterate trimmers executioners, or the illiterate supervisors. That may be the difference.

At any rate. Even if your action is successful or not, you will have accomplished something, broken the inertia. You have ACTED, when most people just speculate, write, and bullshit. You will have learned something from the action. It is really the opposite of just complaining. Time to go...

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This firm does maintenance in Monte Hiedra and other similar
places. American Lawn, is their name.
They will go tree topping if you
request it or for capricious reasons.

They thought at one time that your
humble servant over estimate his talent,
vision and credentials...jaha bilingual laugh


12 January 2010

I noticed the illiterate municipal
wheed whacker squad mutilated
the Tamarindus Indica with a machete.
Fortunately, these killers left a 12 inch
trunk, around 2 inches in diameter standing.
That may be enough to come back.
The Maguey was also destroyed, with
the trimmer.
There are two standing the DK and
the recently planted Thevetia peruviana.

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