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lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008


THERE ARE ten, probably hundreds of blogs regarding our subject in the wild net world. However, very few go further than
reproducing technical objective information. It seems that everyone is fairly objective, as if not to offend, ruffle any feathers in any $egment of the economy/politics. That is what keep us away from going around the bushes, or scratching anyone's back.

Here a token of what this blog has been writing about from the first chance. An excerpt with a lost reference but meaningful
as you will see.


"Amid the cataclysms that changed the surface of our planet so profoundly during past geological eras, both land movements and climatic changes, the plant world went on gradually adapting itself to the new systems, dividing and subdividing itself over millions and millions of years, adapting to the new conditions and creating systems of mutual adjustment which we call ecosystems.

Ecosystems ( a word coined by Tansley in 1923) are biological communities of species which are found together in more than one place, dependent on the physical environment of which they form part and often forming and indivisible whole with that environment.
Every ecosystem is strictly bound up, not only with climate and other environmental factors, but
with every form of life that develops within it, animal as well as vegetable, in an interdepedence which cannot be changed without completely upsetting the whole equilibrium."

How then can we talk about saving endemics, or such and such in danger of extintion? For example, planting trees from sandy, well drained soils with 30 inches of rain anually in a place like Trujillo Alto, with 2,3, times that amount of rain, in a caliche soil, hard as cement and taking
weeks to absorb rain?

In addition, destroying as stated before, the whole ecosystem, the shitty soil from the start, no plant, tree, bush, native grasses, ground covers, flora/fauna, were left. Unfortunately, the many self proclaimed environmentalists, Sierra, lespierian followers,
the Verdes Tribe, Fideicomiso, Parques Nacionales, the whole bunch continue with the same stance: each one with their self interest and protagonic desire. But they are not the only ones, this group is much greater.
Covering water (fresh, salty and mixed), air and soil.

Changing subject, but not by much.. I wrote about planting and cooking recently. An article found in, 'SAVEUR', a probably defunct gastronomy magazine from the nineties may help with the intention.


"Vanilla is an ancient flavoring, used by the Aztecs in Mexico hundreds of years before Hernando
Cortes arrived in 1519 and took samples back to Spain. European nobles went wild over the beans, believing them to be an aphrodisiac. Today one of our best loved and most versatile flavorings, vanilla is essential to many kinds of puddings icings, fillings, cookies and of course
ice cream. It's particularly useful in baking because it neutralizes the flavor of egg yolks; it employed by contemporary chefs (even with lobster) and is prized in candles and perfumes for its seductive fragance". Nov/Dec 1996

I will not get into the year season's foods/dessert bag since everyone else is doing it. Some
spend life moving, writing as if life was/is a traveling magazine. Farewell and keep a clear focus..

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Peter Pantoja Santiago dijo...

Muchas Gracias!!

Si algo defino como mi virtud y defecto es la Sinceridad y como la expresas la recibo y la expreso yo tambien, pienso que mi Blog es un poco de ese habitat que todos tenemos y la musica es parte de ello, quien sabe concentrar su mirada en lo que lee, no importa que el mundo a su alrededor se caiga, pero vuelvo y te digo, agradezco tu sinceridad.

Lo tomare obviamente como un excelente consejo que cuando sea pertinente empleare, creeme que asi sera.


sin machete dijo...

Le felicito. Muy raro que otros tomen
la critica bien intencionada o no, positivamente.

Gracias a usted, por mostrar practica
en lo que se predica, es lo que importa. Que el acto caiga con la palabra.

Suerte y exito!


JCarlos dijo...

Que tal endemismo...
yo sigo en lo mismo
busco y busco y no arribo
a encontrar aquella planta que se roba mis sentidos

De Santiago a Bonao bajé
en todos los viveros busqué
y nada encontré

alguien que me dijo conocerlas
en uno de los viveros que visité
pero que ya no las traian
que las vendían una vez

asi que me quedare con el deseo
de ver una planta comer...

sin machete dijo...

Colega del Archipielago,
si busca en
Venus Fly Trap
o bajo Carnivorous Plants
vera que no es tan dificil
ver su deseo cumplido
una planta muy golosa
de comer moscas,mosquitos
o cualquier cosa con alas,
incluyendo mar y sopas.

Suerte y exito!