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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008


BEFORE WE get into our subject, it is time to thank those who have given us some feedback to continue this

Ulises Blogia.com from Spain, was the first person to let us know what if, anything important was being written in this virtual space reproducing one of our articles and picture from Guanica. 26 September 2007.

Amilcar Garcia, elartededesaparecer.blogspot, was the second one, reporting from Savarona, a barrio from the hilariously baptized "Pais de Caguas".

Later, it was Alberto Paco, variedadplus.blogspot, a great informative blog from Venezuela. To all these bloggers my thanks from the
asphalt/cement, Isla del Encanto. Un abrazo

There are other people who have written comments often agreeing in most, some or ignoring, what I write about with
abrasive, sarcastic, humorous, blunt force. To the one
and only abusing the hospitality provided in the blogosphere, to express opinions, we reiterate: start
your own. It costs nothing.

It is not wise to write a criticism longer than the issue being criticized. It irritates the hell out of me. I have been censored by more than one people who have written in my blog. But that is their right, their judgement.

NOW what I was afraid it all will come to. The recent
sensational news that Recursos Naturales would expedite the right to destroy trees quickly as 'fast' as
a window fast food take out.

The tittle on todays subjet, refers to the theoretical, destruction/mutilation of some virtual trees that will
certainly be killed with/without permits allowing perpetrators to do so within the law. Departamento
de Recursos Naturales is the agency blamed for offering
these permits with ease.

From the start, endemismo trasnochado, first issue on 26 November 2007, has denounced, expressed willingness to go to any forum with evidence, of the destruction of hundreds of
trees, bushes, groundcovers, birds, animals, reptiles,
insects, soil structure in Parque Donha Ines, 12 acres of land.

In adition,the daily, constant mutilation/eventual destruction of trees by the AEE, individuals, agencies, private companies doing landscaping maintenance.

The noise, pollution in soil, air, water, by the same above, particularly in golf courses, any place where there is grass. The water waste with irrigation systems
installed for the hell of it.

Unfortunately Recursos Naturales is not chopping down the trees. The greatest destroyers of the world
environment are construction companies, Puerto Rico is no exception. Desarrolladores de Vivienda, Autoridad de Carreteras,
Municipalities without educated/trained staff to prune/trim properly. PARA muestra un boton.

If we continue, now with a new segment the Blogosphere Caretakers, Air, Wind, Soil, Sweet
water tribes/chiefs, along with
los puercos sordos del Sierra Club, Fideicomiso, Estuario, Buzos Caninos,Los Verdes, Punto Verde, Aula Verde,
Oro Verde, hollering WOLF.. I see nothing changed,
words in the wind, water and salt... Until those with
a humility, sensibility to unite make it possible to congregate to pull in the same direction. Otherwise,
be real, protagonism, scratching each other backs will hit the road... Hard. Until next.

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