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viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2008


WELL, WELL, my fellow Americans after that marvelous forestry token, it is time to come back to this biting reality as usual. While
I tried to look at some pictures, read some gardening articles on some ten magazines which names will not be mentioned to avoid the suspicion of being stuck and stiff in some islander circles.

ABRUPT INTERRUPTION: The neighbor with the pigsty garden/house, has
left after putting some NUEVO FLAMENCO on the shitty boom box in the computer room! And somehow, the word niggardly
comes to mind. In mainland USA, as fellow islanders refer with Roman Apostolic, deference to that "great" nation...Some poor cracker lost his job after a big bruhaja (bilingual) for using such word, (check the dictionary)
if you may, we are on another path at the moment......referring to a member of an ethnic group with an epithet of similar morphology......

As I was. Watching pictures, reading. IN the bookstore, a live concert, with a huge tv screen with some thirty something guys/gals singing duets with acoustic guitars. To my surprise, the fans between eighteen and thirty were singing along. Moments later the whole band started, the pain was unbearable,
I got up to see who the hell was playing.. It is Robby Draco, ladies and gentlemen, unbearable, even though his previous musical work is pretty listenable. The sound now, reminds me of
Fiel a la Vega.....ufff... will not get into that.......

On top of all the above, the music system let us enjoy the new recording by ATABAL a probably, communist/socialist group as the above mentioned. But in this Caribbean island, such a stigma is nice in some circles. I know because I have a carpet, not a rug, but a file, from the police from my student days and former member of a party with green on the logo.

ATABAL IS BETTER without the burned out Andy Montanhez, but even with this master of vibrato, this communist/socialist group, a hundred times better than Robby Draco.....at any rate..

ONE THING made me wonder. Why in USA, a cold, template country so much relevance is given to ZUMBADORES, COLIBRIES, when down here no one thinks of them when
selecting what to plant in the garden/installation?

IN MORE than one, of the ten magazines this subject was mentioned. To my pleasure, as a humble propagator, IPOMOEA
QUAMOCLIT, was mentioned as one of their favorites.

These magazines gave me good ideas to improve my eighty species garden, take that in your cutis Bauza, that I will put into practice soon

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