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miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2008


I WAS pondering how we have lost somehow the connection with nature. The only way nature can be saved, helped, appreciated is while observing it, from different perspectives.
Studying it with some rigor. But not the rigormortis found in
academia, where you write a thesis based on the interests of your
mentor to advance his/her career; with extreme care with
quotations and form.

Some rigor is necessary to balance the huge amount of charlatans in this wide field. Visit any nursery in Puerto Rico. Ask the owner or employees the amount of species they sell, find out by yourself.
My multiple responses have been: "Un monton". A lot.

Send an electronic mail to someone (lets take a wild pick), Los Verdes, a self help edible garden group. Propose an exchange
of plants/seeds among gardening fans, as yours truly. The response: Oh blah, blah, there is this group in USA, it costs
thirty dollars, with the site address and that was that.

This is the not so bright attitude of many people dealing with
what we write about in endemismo. Another anecdote I would
mention is some group Cultura Profetica life style types, into edible gardening in Patillas, Puerto Rico. They have a blog in which plant/seeds exchanges are mentioned. You write inquiring about their list of botanical names to exchange and the puercos sordos remain mute/deaf/blind.

But all is NOT LOST. Yesterday, during the stroll I noticed
that this park somewhat abandoned, has what it takes to be
enjoyed as A GARDEN, even with all the list of flaws to be
mentioned in the future. The fountains are nice, in working order, there is depth, movement in the installations.

From there I crossed the over pass to the former Sixto Escobar
Stadium and got seeds. They are Thespesia populnea, Emajaguilla, and Canavalia Maritima, a tree and ground cover

Almost forgot. In the morning stroll, Eduardo Conde Ave, I found Antigonon leptopus seeds. These ones are climbers. One of the first plants I remember appreciating during elementary school. I took me tree decades to find out the name and the seeds. Originally from Mexico, there are white/pink varieties, both attracting bees. On a positive mood, we say farewell. Until next.

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Gasolina dijo...

Gracías por todo.

Te deseo fantastico 2009!

sin machete dijo...

Igualmente...y agradecido por la visita!

Cynthia dijo...

sin machete, gracias por su visita en mi blog Oasis Writing Link. Your write with passion!

Cynthia dijo...

BTW, I love your header picture! Do you know the type of tree that is? Thanks for leaving the pigeon pea information on the OWL blog.