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martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008


IT IS SOMEWHAT amazing. The amount of tree/environmental issues lovers, preachers, fire eaters, and the rest get lost in a maze of their own creation.

What can you do personally to improve the conditions of your environment surroundings?

Eliminating palm trees. The amount of organic waste, leaves and seeds from palm trees are unsightly. Unless you eat the coconuts.
The exagerated palm use in our urban context is ridiculous. In the Baldorioty de Castro Avenue, $2,000,000, have been wasted planting them in the median, with oceans of red acaliphas and worn out variegated chefferas left and right.

If you love the environment, but have a lawn, use a lawn mower, blower, trimmer, fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides,
or if you support golf then, you have a problem already discussed in the bible dealing with white sepulchers.

If one occasionally claims authority to protect the environment
when the customary island tree hunt (Rio Piedras, Ponce) hit the news stands, what to do when the uproar (as it always does) dissipates? What do you plant in your yard? Your apartment? Do you visit any local gardens? Have you noticed/commented on the millions of
mutilated trees in every street, public/private place in the isle?
How many could you identify? What have you planted lately?

Where are the environmentalists, ask the good samaritans. I tell you where they are... They are not too concerned about much work, too many nature causes as some speculate... They are avoiding getting in
the public eye protecting their federal/state funds from the proposals they are constantly writing. And the probable, ruffling
of feathers, conflicts of interest evident in this intense quietude regarding the permits/destruction of trees. That I reiterate, is a storm in a glass. Trees are destroyed with impunity daily, all over Puerto Rico. Mostly by housing developers, landscape maintenance individuals/companies and municipalities.

The focus then should be on these perpetrators. Not on the intellectual criminals, in my humble opinion. Focus anyone?

Leaving that.. there..for todays meditation. New subject.

A list of ground covers, plants, bushes, climbers, trees that may improve your garden with a sort of signature if you may. The garden, yours, mine, should not look like every other garden. At least that is my stance.

Bouganvilleas, Frangipani, Turneras, Wedelias,Chinese violets,
Hibiscus, Pereskia corrugata, Zephyrantes grandiflora, Gloriosa
rothshildiana, Mirabilis siciliana, Murraya paniculata, Ipomoeas, Ochna Mossabisensis, Momordica Charantia, Costus
speciosus and Cestrum diurnum.

The above placed correctly will make your garden stand out and with a bonus, rarely will they be diseased. Now imagine that poem...Por un sendero de mayas arropas de Momordica Charantia... cundeamores. Until then.

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Myrisa dijo...

You are right, trees are being destroyed all around us by developers and others, including state and municipal governments. But the fact that it is being violated, does not mean we should accept the demise of Reglamento 25 which is supposed to protect trees and green urban areas.

Don Segundo dijo...

Continúe con sus temas que son claros y fuertes.


sin machete dijo...

A few words to thank both visits, Myrisa and Don Segundo.

Until next. I will be around.