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lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008


IT IS TIME TO COUNT. After the 100 post mark the need to measure the effort was necessary. 118 comments, (a half perhaps, my own) and 710 profile views. One thing is clear, people down here, blogospherewise are not planting or interested at all. A couple of specific
questions regarding Ivies, some four or five bushes were named
in reaction to some articles but in essence, gardening is something distant and meaningless for most people judging
from what SEMANTICS usualy tell behind the surface.

That explains the change of language venue. In other circles
where gardening is taken seriously, the percentage of responses
expressed in Dave's Garden.com, were greater and to the point.
Most strange is the affection and interest to many of our plants,
bushes, demonstrated in many blogs in that site in a template country. Plants for which I have no interest because of their excesive usage in most installations.

BACK TO THE DIRT. During these days some changes worth mentioning. The three year oregano bush went directly to the
ground after a stay in a metal pot. A little pruning for cooking and aesthetics. The endemic Zamia went the other way, ground to
pot. Some plants require constant observation to avoid problems, in this case the growth rate was rather slow. To make sure everything is fine, pull out whatever, check the roots, plant
and watch for a couple of months. Or leave in a pot. One thing you must understand, if you insist in keeping indoors a plant like this, you will have scales for ever. An insect almost impossible to destroy in the adult stage.

Other relevant stats. In the last 7 month period 300 plants, 80 identified species, some are DK, plants, bushes, trees, ground covers, succulents, plants, climbers, have been planted in our
residence in Santurce, Puerto Rico, the inventory is already in older posts. Next year it will be updated.

Some were not so lucky. Ixoras, Crotons, Colocassias, Tuna,
Aloe Vera, Dracenas were exiled for their position violating
perspective, disease after years of improper machete pruning,
or being simply odd looking with what is planted now. There
has to be some symmetry or asymmetry in leave, texture, shape, size and height among all the plants installed. Otherwise you get the sensation of tightness, wildness, a result of what agronomists down here believe a garden should
be. A bunch of anything planted left and right without any thought, but making a buck.

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Myrisa dijo...

At least leave the blot title in Spanish so I can keep you in my Spanish blogroll.

Do you expect more comments and visits now that you're writing in English?

sin machete dijo...

I will. Vai di guey, I appreciate for your gesture and visits.

I am not really concerned
about the comments issue. It is just that I am certain that this indifference will not change.

But the visits have increased according to my stats. If one
writes a blog expecting responses
the fun is gone.

Nature is there, so I write.

Un abrazo franco. Until next and good luck in your projects!

sin machete dijo...

One silly comment. Perhaps you dropped by to see juat is going on. Any juan
can post opinions... and be willing to see the other side of the coin or the third. The environment just wants
to do what it does best... Give without expectations........

Awilda dijo...

Me encantaron las fotos es que se ven tan reales. Felicitaciones.