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martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008


THE humanitarian reaction in a minuscule segment of the Puerto Rico population, is an example of similar situations in the past. It demonstrated that when someone throws pets from
a bridge, one should complaint and rant. This is no different. The isle counts with bohemian-academic-do gooders, environmental crusaders.

We just dissent on the focus.

Instead of aiming at the constant perpetrators of crimes against nature: HOUSING DEVELOPERS, the issue was the permit/no permit Catch 22
debate. Bohemian, because is nice in certain Institutes of Culture,
to write poems, songs, essays, research, about the environment.
To sing about, paint and sculpture nature.

UNFORTUNATELY the isle environment is looking more and more as Oscar de la Hoya in his most recent money making adventure. Unable to stand up. While some debate and debate, develop theoretical frames, the gigantic tractors used by the already mentioned to destroy everything in their path without any type of inventory of flora and fauna continue getting rid of the ecological balance that
allows everything that surround us to interact and survive.

The destruction takes place not only in Puerto Rico, (endemismo goes global) but all over the world with the same desire to MAKE PROFITS. In our isle, with
the certified approval of Department of Natural Resources 007.
They are close partners on this mission; making Puerto Rico
appear as a concrete/asphalt enormous parking lot.

All the blame about climatic change is carried by emissions of all types. However, where does the water that was previously absorbed by soil, ground all over the earth flows now? In our case, there are floods in many areas after a thirty minutes rain in highways, cities and towns.

NO one seems to make the connection. If you stop the earth from doing what is its nature there are going to be more and more floods and dry spells for the same exact reason. No water
to absorb, convert in vapor. Meanwhile, all the excitement about the brief hot pet project died; the interest turned toward more mundane matters.

Not here. Endemismotrasnochado is not about following herds,
but to set trends. We can, like the proverbial water hit the stone to create the legendary hole, or hit like a sledgehammer kindly. With words only, of course.

Lets get the Housing Developers stop and to pay for the constant destruction. Their accomplices, banks, mortgage originators, island municipalities,
construction and landscaping companies, are all into
the scam. Making profits while destroying all that makes life
bearable. It is very easy to attack a bunch of inept, powerless
agency, but something very different to aim at developers and else. What have you planted today?

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