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martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008


PERHAPS YOU wonder, what can I do besides writing, speculating, debating what is wrong with the practices, tendencies, traditions, regarding gardening, the environment/ecology/nature? One thing I do is to propagate,
observe what does not work and share it with the willing and
unwilling. There is nothing one can do beyond that. Even if
once in a while your risk sounding as a preacher. Those who
day after day, week, month, year repeat what is already written
in a thick book. Just bring the horse to the water, if he refuses to drink, do no shoot him, give him some affection.

I have reiterated my dislike of turf/grass/lawns. I will not discuss now why. But one thing one can do, to improve the environment is not to pollute with lawnmowers, blowers, air
water, soil and the quietness with the irritating noise.

Here is a list of ground covers recommended by our 007 agency,
with license to kill trees, used to stop erosion within the sand
dunes context. Some are really wonderful, could be propagated
from seeds or division. Sorry I do not think you could find them
at your favorite nursery. Search the internet. You never know.

Sporobolus virginicus
Fimbristylis cymosa
Spartina patens
Canavalia maritima
Lippia nodiflora
Ipomoea pes caprae
Tephrosia cinerea
Ipomoea stolonifera
Stachytarpheta jamaicencis
Sanseveria guianensis
Vigna luterola
Ramirea maritima
Chamaesyce buxifolia
Boerhavia diffusa
Senegalia westiana
Wedelia Trilobata
Pectis humifusa
Cissus sicyoides
Bidens pilosa

Another thing to improve your environmental surroundings is to visit other places. Gardening sites particularly. Dave's Garden. com,is a wide in scope stop to share what you think, and learn from others. Another must is jardinactual.com, for those demanding more than common place design/plant selection. USA and SPAIN. So there. Practice and preach. Two worlds do
not just stick with the second, please.

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