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miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009


JUST RETURNED from a ninety minutes intense walk to continue flattening my forty inches waist. I decided to check one of those "lineal" parks of Puerto Rico. Even
if in circle or zig zag. It length is one mile and a half. Two thirds of it, three hundred
meters after the sidewalk entrance, going up through the ugly concrete ramp, on top of a sewage waters, or mangrove used with that purpose.

This park is under the PARQUES NACIONALES dominion, a group of ignorants from top to bottom. To start, when asked how many species are there, the man in charge made that classical gesture of not knowing. Employees doing maintenance, two.

Right after you walk in, the amount of Thespesias populneas, Tabebuias, gingers, Ixoras, some ugly palm trees, and others
make their presence evident. They clash like a hammer on your forehead. Why would any one plant these last three in such context; an environment known for mangroves. I do not know. They got an approximate 20 species at the most, in a mile and half. I had to identify and count them since no employee is capable of thinking
of the benefit to know what is there. To write down the inventory, share it with the public, for education
purposes. I have over one hundred in fifty square meters.

This is one of the greatest failures of any public space, futile attempts of being botanical, endemic, or ecologic. A lack of being able to distinguish spaces, to separate
ornamental plants that are perfectly all right in the entrance of a hotel, but certainly
not in a park such as this.

The soil saturated with thirty days of rains, minimal natural drainage, shows the type of vegetation one may observe in a bog. Looking for oxygen, the roots of many trees are visible over the ground. Other classical custom is paving with concrete instead
of going the natural way with wood or gravel for paths. This materials are useful to the soil to increase oxygenation, drainage, making it more natural, attractive.

The two, tired, worn out employees were collecting dead, leaves, (future nutrients) , placing them in plastic bags, laid flat out on the ground.WITH one hand these fellows lift/open the bag. With the other pushing the collected leaves with the rake inside. Believe it or not!

Perhaps it is a problem of mine. To see everything that is wrong with the treatment
of our surroundings, flora and fauna. Even when I try to look the other way I can not.
Particularly when I walk every sidewalk in the Ponce de Leon Avenue, uneven, cracked, garbage, gravel, dirt, leaves and anything one can think possible. Time to

2 comentarios:

Juanml dijo...

It's not you, and it's not only in your field, you find slackers everywhere. The important thing in life, is to do what you have to do, and teach by example. I know is frustrating but one person doing the right thing make a big difference, just keep trying it.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

I appreciate such comment...and will follow the suggestion.

On the other hand, I can always create
a perfect, almost perfect world, with
my garden, in such a way that flora and fauna benefit.

I find odd that so many people with
apparent sensibility towards nature and ecology, do not seem capable to place themselves within that much
wider scheme.

Thanks, for your words!