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miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009


WHAT do you know? I was able to listen for the first time to the whole 3lps album of
THE CLASH, "Sandinista", from 1980. To be honest of the thirty tunes or so maybe ten
are worthy of listening more than once.

PERHAPS one day I could do the same with the Claudio Abbado's, Beethoven Symphonies. The whole, heavy to the ear and brains collection. Or the piano sonatas
with Claudio Arrau. Will shall see and inform...

I know some of my religious fans were surprised to see the previous article in font
for the visually impaired. Some of them appreciated it even though is not the typical
fashion to present random thoughts.

Today feeling my head about to blow I will be unusually brief.. Enough to say that
after following the nicking/soaking instructions from Hazel, the following were
planted: Senecio confusus, Black eye Susan, Honeysuckle, Allamanda schottii and Antigonum leptopus.

my good fortune it has been raining in this godforsakenisle for the last twenty four hours, certainly a great sign for these new arrivals, that increase some more
my unique collection. So far the only one in the bloggers world, world until now.

See you there. The flu is still with me. Keep planting and propagating...

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