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martes, 19 de mayo de 2009


ONCE again! A local newspaper denounces the destruction/mutilation of seventy trees growing in the urban context, felled down by the AEE, the state agency in charge of electricity and such.

THESE jerks, with little or no education have been the subject of our scorn,
more than once during the life of endemismo. Their mission is to protect
wires from theoretical damage from trees branches/trunk. Most
of the time, the problem is caused by national stupidity, which is certainly
not a monopoly of this godforsakenisland, it takes place in more than one country in every continent.

What is the problem? Every tree has a particular architecture, shape, form, you name it, makes no difference. However, every tree shows in their branching certain specific developing, growth. If one desires to stop
a specic branch from moving/growing in an undesirable direction, as in
our case, electric wires....ONE cuts the branch at the base of the trunk, not
in the tip, the middle, or any other spot of the branch.

IT HAS TO BE in the specific spot where the branch begins an independent life. When the JERKS known (AEE) cut these branches anywhere
but that specific spot, in the mandatory angle, instead of one theoretical
branch damaging the wires...You create with the inadequate pruning/mutilation , 10 branches or more!

What makes this situation a catch 22 is becoming a vicious circle, year after year. The mutilation of beautiful trees by ignorant fools working for the AEE, making 3 or more times the minimun salary, with unusual benefits, no forestry credentials, that
their scam artists union have reached with government partners.

This proves our STANCE once again. There is not much that we can do
to save our habitat, environment, ecology, except what we do at HOME,
with some knowledge, good will without any recognition.

The housing developers in one hand, government jerks with licenses to kill destroy
the environment, hicks on television as Doglas Candelabro, the maximun
authority on gardens in Puerto Rico: blind/deaf/mute to these criminals, with the only
worry of making money without much concern...And everyone else jumping in the environment bandwagon when is nice with a chance to
appear on the printed media, radio or television...But unable to plant
a couple of beans in their backyards..

Hasta la masacre del medioambiente siempre..

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Paraíso Divino dijo...

Apreciado lector (Antigonum Cajan), disculpa que de respuesta a tu pregunta en este espacio, es que no encontre su dirección de correos electrónicos, me preguntó que propago, que promociono con mi blogs (www.marthak2810.blogspot.com)?, sencillo, muestro esa cara de mi linda Perla del Sur...Barahona, que mucho se han empeñado en no mostrar, son sus valores culturales, el afan y hospitalidad de sus gentes, la belleza natural que nos bendice y ese gran compartir con el que cuenta La Novia del Caribe y Capital de la Belleza!!, apoyamos lo bueno y sano para el mundo, estamos aquí para el mundo...Bienvenido ciudadano de este mundo, bienvenido a Barahona: Perla del Sur, Capital de la Belleza, Novia del Caribe!!
Mil abrazos.

Paraíso Divino dijo...

Gracias por leer mi mensaje, me has sorprendido, creí que no tener respuesta tan prontamente, gracias. Me encanta la idea de poder contribuir con tan linda iniciativa de conocer la flora de nuestra Perla del Sur, si me das tu dirección de correos electrónicos puedo enviarte fotos y nombres (coloquiales y científicos) de ella, mis direcciones son: marthakph.76@gmail.com; letilog@hotmail.com y marthak_2810@yahoo.com, de igual te recomiendo entres a la sección titulada "Mi Paraíso" , en la columna de la derecha en mi blogs, para que veas parte de nuestra vegetación, tanto endémica como extranjera.
Mil abrazos!!