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lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009


IN PUERTO RICO, USA, some horticultural fans into edible gardens, also into oriental
philosophy, religion, gastronomy and yoga are offering to design a garden of this
kind for your residence or apartment for what the typical laborer make at a minimun wage per hour in a day. Others, without such orientation offer the same thing for twice as much.

HOWEVER, none answers the question: HOW much time is there to dedicate to this
garden or any other type of garden. What do you do when you arrive from work?
What do you do on week ends?

Are you in good, average, good, poor physical shape? Are you sitting all day at work?
The honest answer to this questions will save you money, energy, and the possibility
of getting hurt while gardening.

Knees, hands, forearms, back, shoulders, abdominals, thighs, calves, neck are some of
the parts of the body most used while gardening. IF you are out of shape you will be
in pain for days or hours as you get in into it.

What are you going to plant? Is the soil adequate? Any shade? Or is it full sun? You will have to irrigate, the most boring of all gardening chores, not to get into weeding.
Unless you use a sprinkler, wasting a lot of water in the process or drip irrigation, the
most intelligent and practical.

Do not get into gardening, planting anything until you have some clear view of what it takes. A compromise is required. OF course, as in anything in life, if you quit
later for any of the possibilities mentioned..You can always buy glyfosphate and kill
all the weeds that will certainly take over your previous, failed, edible garden or else.

More info from a British perspective. Check the Judy Penylesi blog on these issues, and others. It is well written and fun. Time to go...

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