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sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009


IT HAS been raining for the last twenty five days down here. If you are a serious gardenener you know the consequences: white flies, fungi, viruses, bacterial disease.
Fortunately, for your so so humble servant, only the first came, saw and passed away
with my secret weapon.

A couple of Hibiscus cannabilus were planted in the abandoned house that I have adopted, pruning, sweeping, and propagating. There are also Cosmus sulphureous in two stages of growth, tall and small. Soon there will be orange flowers. In addition,
tree TTurneras ulmifolia, one of each; Sanseveria, Bauhina and Tecoma stans. This two story house abandoned for the last ten years, appears in one picture here to the right, it looks
ten times better than other habited houses.

In my own pots... A couple were pulled out to cut the roots avoiding future strangulation: Pithelobium dulce, my favorite big tree at the moment and Tartago.
Strings were placed as a trellis to allow my multiple vines to do their thing in the
back yard. There are Clitorea ternatea, Ipomoeas, Passiflora edulis/oersteddii and Cannavalia maritima.The last one has been a surprise. In the sea shore where it
was collected, it grows as a bush not a vine. The seeds were planted six months ago. The growth speed of these vines is truly amazing, and the
simplicity and beaty of their flowers.

There are two Bouganvilleas. The one in the east garden, is growing in a corner
for beauty and security purposes, it is the only space where anyone could climb and
jump in. The other one in the north garden, is about ten inches high, planted just to enjoy
the intense purple color of the flowers and the eventual shade.

One pot with many vines that had been placed under roof but able to receive rain
water and sun in the drive way previously, was moved into the fresh air. With the amount of the mentioned during the last month, it has been growing twice as fast on the white metal fence that you may appreciate in one or two pictures in the right side of the blog.

I reiterate that vines are great for privacy and only once a while they need any kind
of trim and order. They are attractive, good for insects and else, not used as they
should in this godforsaken isle. I hope the neighbors do not destroy them later in the future considering that the abandoned house that I maintain is their property, but you never
know in PUERTO RICO. People do incredible things to vegetation of any size, shape when seen as a hindrance. Time to go. What have you planted today? Yesterday?

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Hola chico, otra vez. oye si conozco a Corinne, no me siento quedada es cuestión de gusto personal. Corinne es muy buena pero aún no ha hecho algo que me sorprenda, y finalmente nunca es trabajo para mí entrar a cualquiera de tus espacios, me gustas lo que escribes, hasta pronto.

Por cierto: Katie Melua o Kate Nash, te sorprenderas!

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Hola muchas gracias por tu visita en mi blog y por tus marabillosas palabras, lamento no entender el ingles, pero me gustaria seguir visitandote, espero que escribas algo en español,... claro si es posible