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sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009


THOSE readers that visit often may have the idea already. Maybe not.
It does not matter. When I propagated the first Ficus, the one climber, in water, or when I planted the first Bauhinia from seed and Cannavis sativa,
I never thought that I would be writing about this at all. That was 42 years ago.

I just received the Landscape Management monthly issue. On the cover there is a picture of a squat looking illegal laborer and a pale, beefy law enforcement officer, arresting the cheap labor rep. The charges will certainly be illegal entering to the USA and identity theft.

Dirt Front News

Today, after weeks of dealing with weevils eating away the leaves of the Coccolova uvifera, I decided to grasp the horns by the bull. I changed the
soil, killed the grubs, placed some organic material and planted the happy
bush again. It is worthy to mention that this one was planted from a seed,
from Guanica, seven years ago. It is about seven feet tall and four wide.

Back to you in the studio

Any one who has migrated for any of the common place reasons, knows
THE COOKIE CRUMBLES, and need no further explanation as to the implications of hiding, working, as if one had leprosy.

What is a little disturbing is that Landscape Magazine, has resuscitated this thorny, impossible to resolve issue. It implies that the financial, banking, real estate, mortgage, housing construction issues with the metalic/paper money loses have no end in sight. And the GREEN INDUSTRY is desperate since their services are really something that
one can do without or postpone indefinetely.

I believe that illegal migration exists, thanks to the avarice of owners of
companies unwilling to pay fair salaries,overtime, holidays, sick time, vacations and or medical insurance to the nationals of their country. This money grabber zealots are
the ones responsible for the twelve million illegal citizens in the USA.

Landlords are accesory to the crime. These scum bags rent apartments with room for four, to twelve or more people. There are places where you rent the bed for hours, night or day. These landlords make a bundle of money.

The law should go at these people. Send them to jail for a long while. If illegals have no jobs/housing, how can they remain in any country at all?
For how long? Not approaching this complicated problem at the root, will
just waste lots of money for the tax payers. Illegal emigration has the same repercussion in Europe/America or any other place on earth.

In Puerto Rico we have the same problems. In our case, islanders from Spanish, French and English speaking islands also. However, Homeland
Security, FBI and the rest do not bother with enforcing the law as it is done in Arizona, for example. Here is a free ride for all....

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