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domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009


IT was not long ago when my Calliandra was attacked by some
handsome triangular shaped insects. The swarm procession like
individuals appeared out of the blue. I am certain since I monitor
while spraying H2O, for insects twice a day.

Yesterday around five thirty pm or 5:30 if you prefer, while on the already mentioned activity..I noticed this white fluffy/dusty/substance/material on the turned up leaves. Calliandras do that when sleeping, fold up their leaves.

I did not panic since I knew what the destiny of these unwelcome creatures would be today. But before I continue
I would like to stress that since the elimination of IXORAS in my garden community, there were no such insects for many months. Those few discovered have passed away with the secret
formula: dish soup/hot sauce concoction.

Change of subject rather abrupt

Have you thought of all the time dedicated to health, sex, exercise, dieting, court, soap operas, sit coms, and so on? It is
a lot, is not it? Well if one percent of that, an hour perhaps a day? Could be used to show horticultural issues, would it be fun? But what the heck is not going to happen...

I can not forget a weird British series 'ROSEMARY AND THYME. Too short a stay. Wonderful photography, acting, crime stories with gardening, horticulture as the sub plot in every chapter.

Another missing, lost forever CITY GARDENER, transmitted in the sappy, corny HGTV, for a brief period. Another British demonstration of sophisticated, well thought gardening issues in
the very small space available in their urban contexts.

Now there are Landscapers Challenge, Curb Appeal and one with an often informative show with a clown, Gardening by the Yard. I got sick and tired of the wordy, repetitive back and forth of the before and after. And the silly interviews with the property owners with no fucking idea of plants, gardening, horticulture or anything if you ask me. Why interview them
for their opinions then? I rest my case.

The end is near. If you are tired of sex, believe that sex has always been overrated, plant Turneras of any kind, ulmifolias, subulatas or diffusas. They flower daily between morning and sun set. They last longer and make bees happy for ever and ever..

You could substitute the word sex with: poetry, literature, academics, pandemics, emmigration and such.

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