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miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009


CONSIDERING THE economical scene, scheme in many parts of the world, there is one thing left to do: make people do things they would normally not do. Advertise
for computerized irrigation systems, lots of light systems for your garden, water features, fountains, ponds, jaccuzzis, swimming pools and outdoor kitchens for barbecues and such, propane and diesel lawnmowers that go ten miles an hour without scalping your
precious sterile turf, and do not forget one palm three every five feet if possible.

Intermission for

If you kindly look at the bunch of pictures to the right of this words you will find....one, North Side, well the hole is right behind the two pots in the left.
I decided to dig another circle, twelve inches in diameter to plant
one Bouganvillea, Turnera subulata, Passiflora and Hedera helix.

As time go by, a year now, I get more and more irritable with the constant noise from my good for nothing young neighbors, the Addams family. They often spend up to twelve hours playing PAINTBALL, video games believe it or not.. and/or those with explosions, machine guns and dismembered people left and right... To finish with these personalities, imagine their figures, they are fond of eating pork chops at nine pm...Leo Michelin, and Squeaky Pillsburydoughgirl.

Back to the digging. Breaking concrete to install gardens is something I did for the first time when I lived in Savarona. The intention was the same: privacy/noise reduction. One needs a chisel, some ability to hit without much effort, gloves, protecting your back, knees and a light, short sledge hammer. This project, the breaking, cleaning, took about twenty minutes.

Later, one removes about a foot deep of soil, mixing it with organic material and let
the hole aireate. I will plant in the afternoon when the sun sets. That way the future
inhabitants will get less heat/stress.


WELCOME BACK TO THE GREEN INDUSTRY WHAT IS IT UP TO? ALL, those projects mentioned in the first parragraph require money. YOUR money. If you have some kind of introspection: realize they all spend energy, electricity or gas, or both. They require chemicals
to keep the water with the correct ph when growing fishes, to clean filters, to place nets to protect
the fishes from predators, or to protect your children from drowning.

These issues need some pondering before you make any type of investment or throw your money away. Your perception of reality does not matter. Any action will create a situation that you and your pocket will have to deal in time.

Check this anecdote found in Landscape Management, from our friend Ron Hall the editor in chief. Some fellows, probably hicks, decided to spend over one hundred thousand bucks in a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen/barbecue/living room/fireplace, to entertain. That is the pet word ENTERTAIN. Why do you have to entertain anyone?

At any rate. These hillbillies probably noveau rich, did not think for a moment about
the reality of UTAH. A desert. After spending all that money with beautiful stainless
steel sink/stove, nice seats, swimming pool they discovered TEMPERATURE in the summer/winter. What a trip! They can not use the space because is either too hot
or too cold.

Now dear virtual reader...If you call a contractor for all these manure projects, do you think
that he/she will advise not to do it for the reason I have exposed? NO, you are right
not many people in the GREEN INDUSTRY deal with honesty in this field.

On the other hand, why should they? Morals, being truthful is just something appreciated in certain circles by some segments of the population. IT is not
an universal virtue. However, stupidity seems to reign all over the place.. Even
among those with college degrees in all fields..Alberto Areces Mallea, Gabriel Berriz
come to mind. For their actions one will recognize them...Time to go..Until next.

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