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sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


IT IS TIME to present some pictures about issues mentioned, but not illustrated, regarding use and custom in landscaping maintenance practices in the island of
asphalt/concrete, Puerto Rico. Installations based on stupidity, lack/total absence
of imagination, money scam$$, mutilation, destruction and indifference towards nature
in general, particularly in the urban context.

The Almacigo. This picture demonstrates certain strangulation and death for this nice, handsome tree caused by the metal plate being lifted from the ground by the victim.
This one is on the Ponce de Leon Avenue in San Juan. Strangulation will destroy the vascular system soon or later. No food, nutrients, water up or down the trunk= slow
cruel death. Caused By the metal plate. However often in this PARADISE, other type of strangulation takes place: the one caused by tutors made with wire and rubber hose placed around the trunk to keep whatever straight, and not removed when necessary.

The second Almacigo, it is been saved by the bell, since the metal plate is not around
the trunk in strangulation mode. However looking carefully, the plate, unless removed soon will create the same death sentence as in the first picture. Just as these two trees victims of stupidity/indifference, every five of ten trees are sentenced to death in Puerto Rico.

TREE DESTRUCTION, MUTILATION IS getting worse. How bad is the situation? Imagine if these examples of five trees in ten are right there if front of everyone and no one sees/says anything... in a two miles straight line avenue, a well known area, center for banking, theaters, movie houses, private and public offices, universities, hospitals, restaurants, intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic taking place in such an important geographical, cultural, social, political setting in Puerto Rico, what takes place in the rest of the isle..

The first two pictures on top at right, leave no doubt of constant and frequent critical,
educational comments here. Could someone tell me why, where, how will anyone plant anything against a wall as the expensive palm tree here (one of ten)? What will it look like when it reaches adulthood? What is the aesthetic value, where is it?

The other picture shows another ridiculous trend in Puerto Rico, USA and unfortunately, in other places also... A hemorrhage of different, excessive amount of palms, owerwhelming the already heavy/ugly installation, without any evident common sense. How is one suppose to give appropriate maintenance to the plants below, at ground level? Imagine the amount of organic
waste to be removed with such a number of fronds against each other The other
issue is the perfect setting for diseases caused for lack of ventilation since one is on
top of the other.

Wow I got exhausted. Look around carefully, things are not what they seem.
Is not my imagination...

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