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sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


IT IS A LITTLE strange. When researching any subject regarding our theme it is difficult if not impossible to find blogs, seed catalogs, books, recent or old about specifics of gardening in Spanish, except for the good amount of those coming from SPAIN.

Not in the CARIBBEAN. For example, I would like to find out information about
those ornamental plants cultivated, installed in Puerto Rico at the beginning of the twentieth century without much luck. At any rate, this blog may stink for some considering the tone and constant criticism, however, if one erases EVERYTHING,
the inventory of my collection would remain in terms of a history of plants not
found in nurseries, not planted in any context, or in a few in the Metro
Area of San Juan.\

In that subject alone, endemismo set trends. No one else does it, not even the Botanical Garden in Rio Piedras, Recursos Naturales or Fideicomiso de Conservacion, agencies that should be the ones paid to educate and set trends.
At least the fools should have made an inventory of urban trees mutilated, destroyed, alive and kicking along country and city in Puerto Rico. But let it
stop there...

MAY 2008/MAY 2009

SHORTLY AFTER ARRIVAL, I prunned all mutilated bushes in front of the porch, in the west garden. There were Crotons hidden among the Ixoras. It was hard and irritating to observe closely the damage of twenty years of machete pruning and mutilation of branches/trunk. Lots of white flies, cankers, cracked bark. Part of this process included the elimination of dwarf Ruelias, ferns, Taro and bromeliads.
I eliminated every branch hanging over the fence to avoid friction, changing the silly round form of one Ixora to rect angles.

These chores between 6AM and 9AM, were made more palatable, (is very annoying to restore
damage by stupidity) by the pedestrian and neighbors traffic. Some giving us an officil welcome
to the vecinity and introducing themselves. There was one particularly interesting gentleman, Don
Miguel. Tall, blue eyes and glasses, pale that every morning strolls to visit his sister at the nursing
home or to have the daily coffee at the Medical Mall.

Planted on this garden: Poliscya, Turneras ulmifolias, light pink Ruelia, Wedelia, Barleria repens,
Portulaca pink. We shall continue...

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