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domingo, 5 de abril de 2009


I VISITED recently one of those blogs about photography. After some reading, looking for a crevice for criticism, I founded. This type of blogs usually with a picture of the creator, being photograped while pretending to photograph have one big problem. In the third world there are not many people into appreciating, following photographic trends in either technological advances in cameras and accessories or in the photographs in a virtual museum. Not to talk about money for such.

This bring us to a high percentage of other blogs about no matter what the subject is,
you name it, with five videos to explain a couple of concepts, ideas. Followed by perhaps two hundred words. For some reason, I can not relate to these type of
blogs. It seems that unconsciously I expect in any blog, something being stated.
Not like any paper resource but in an original, thought or anger, or indifference provoking fashion.

NOW in endemismo we are mostly about words. Repetition once in a while. As when
some ultrainsular visited, leaving some not very creative comment in that regard. But
to my international fans I tell one thing. This same character wrote an article a thousand words in length, about his/her unhappiness about having to pay for air for
the tires in his car at a gas station. There are more expensive options as buying an
air compressor to plug to the battery with same results. There.

During the last week we walked as hell and have the product of those l o n g strolls for our readers, in photographs! From the shame, paint by numbers mentally challenged
JARDIN BOTANICO DE RIO, entrance installation. To a couple of mutilated, planted
in quarters too tight, affecting the buttress, to a classical mutilated Mahogany in Sagrado Corazon, Champion Institution regarding mutilated trees in Santurce.

Also as a bonus for frequent travelers to this blog, some tokens of a particular garden,
one abandoned house, one house with four residents with Addams family garden tastes and a wild cotton flower....

Time to go, with resignation. Thoughts of moving anywhere abound when going for a stroll, so much ugliness, roads, streets, sidewalks, structures. Even while asleep, the ghosts of this ugliness, when we
can sleep four hours in a row..spin around.

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