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miércoles, 8 de abril de 2009


YESTERDAY, was that dreadful day. One gets in the car to find all those automobiles going in the same direction. With such hurry! It would make sense in Nebraska or Australia, but in a hundred miles long island in the doldrums is hard to take. After the twenty/thirty minutes ride is evident that the asphalt/concrete isle continue to expand
and contract to the rhythm of these two surfaces/materials over growing at the rims.

There is a new cement lane in both directions. The great, useful, intelligent purpose?
To accumulate a couple of thousand more cars in the morning/afternoon rush hour
impressive traffic jams that once were a monopoly of Bayamon, PORK RINDS CITY.
But that is not the worst. In four months, every person in contact with schools, parents, teachers and everyjuan else will start their day a 8AM.

Lets write something nice now for a change of pace. The Urban Train, is that an original name or what? It is probably one of the few good things I see down here.
For a buck fitty, you can travel from one place to the other in clean, silent, comfortable
cars. If in need of total quiet, the silence found in decent cathedrals to meditate and such, make an exit in the Rio Piedras station, my favorite. The solitude and quietness
at this station is remarkable.

I would like to thank two people with manners, the ones that seem natural in other places but not here, not in the internet. KR. Aviles-Vazquez and Ronald Chevako had
the courtesy of responding to my messages. With them the number of people aware of manners and such in Puerto Rico, is about to reach ten out of over two hundred messages sent about this or that. In endemismo we believe that if it is not spam, you
should at least acknowledge the message, such as Josy Payaso Tofu Latorre, did. Jaha
Yeyomalanga Bonjour, laugh.

On our growing area of expertise.. In THE COUNTRY OF CAGUAS, one of the avenues to exit/enter Villa Blanca and else is covered with Bottle brush or Callistemon. How stupid is the Chief gardener in this valley of cement/asphalt?
Well, if you observe the growing habit/architecture of this beautiful tree you may have noticed the branches droping towards the ground. Wipping willows do the same.

We should conclude that is the beauty of this tree. The way the branches fall, the rounded shape at the top. What do they do in that country? They cut all those branches to create, as Yeyomalanga, and other agronomists, an ice cream cone.
Totally destroying the essence of the Bottle brush.

Regarding dirt gardening, I planted a Crinum, variegated, the giant type, in front
of my syster's. It does not look so hot, since this kind ot plant is by nature, form, height, better used as a focal point. In a sidewalk does not say much, except being original. There
is no other in the pathetic gardens around.

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