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jueves, 16 de abril de 2009


FOR QUITE SOME TIME I have been writing about the need to eliminate, substitute lawn, turf, grass. It does not matter what you call it. If you have turf in your residence, a company growing it for sale/install, or one of those landscaping companies making a buck planting it without informing customers of the friendly environmental options; you are an eco/environmental criminal, in my opinion. Ignorance is no excuse in a court of law.. HOWEVER, here is now a new approach to present the issue. Not that it
would make any difference, a change in attitude.

Particularly, if you have been doing it for fifty years, or twenty, proud of it, having patriarchy delusions, a la yeyomalanguiyautia. My stance is clear: lawns are sterile, unless cut with goats, a push mower, or cut by hand. Yet there is more to the equation as we shall read soon. I have been ranting about the abusive noise of blowers, lawn mowers, and trimmers. The waste of energy and pollution of soil, water, air and quiet. The most criminal are GOLF COURSES since what is written here is multiplied four/five times in terms
of pollution.

Some readers, lawn supporters may believe the following arguments enough to justify growing lawns instead of planting malanga, nhame, batatas, what agronomists should do. LAWNS ARE good to: reduce
soil erosion, dust stabilization, recreation, dissipation of heat and questionable landscape attractiveness.

Now, looking at the other side of the issue, one most people including
intelligent, culturally, politically, socially aware refuse to ponder. Just
as stated before, the horse brought kindly to the river, refusing to drink.

TURF is the single largest irrigated crop in USA, and Puerto Rico

LAWN CARE costs 28.9 billion or $1,200.00 per household

50/70% of residential water is used for landscaping irrigation

10,000 gallons of water used for every 1,000 square foot

78 million households use garden pesticides

700 million dollars spent on pesticides

67 million lbs of synthetic pesticides added to lawns each year

3 TIMES as much pesticide is used on lawns per acre than agricultural crops.

58 MILLION gallons of gasoline used when moving lawns

AT 2.75 a gallon, it adds to $159,500,000 dollars worth of gasoline

ONE LAWN MOWER pollutes in an hour, as much as a car driven for
20 miles.

IMAGINE, in the third world the polluting equipment is not kept in top shape, increasing it. The noise, water waste, fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizers is greater since laborers can not read instructions
nor can their supervisors.

If interested about numbers, stats check: " THE ENVIRONMENTAL COST OF
USA LAWNS" Courtesy of Sam Greyhawk. An article in the web.


The same issues about lawns applies to the abusive/money scam use of PALMS in any possible context. PALMS require expensive maintenance since their fronds could harm property or a passersby. The seeds alone would be enough reason not to use them at all. Unfortunately, ecoenvironmental criminal enterprises/individuals can only think of now, their profits.

Perhaps one day, laws will be written, enforced to put people
like yeyomalanguiyautia and accomplices in the destruction or our
environment behind bars...They deserve it. Nature will not last forever....

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Borincano dijo...

Estoy de acuerdo pero ¿Que alternativas sugieres?

Antigonum Cajan dijo...


Todas las que aparecen bajo
turf substitutes,
ground covers,
pavers, gravel, a lot!

The elimination of turf should be done after determining what the area is used/going to be used for.

Some plants survive when you step on them others wont. That is one consideration. Until next.