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lunes, 20 de abril de 2009


THOSE frequent visitors may have noticed that most of the time the tone, focus of
this virtual space turns out abrasive, angry, inquisitive, critical with doses of sarcasm, irony, satire and such...unfortunately not this time.

Running away from the ugliness, noise, crowds, callousness of the Metro Area in Santurce and adyacent vecinities in the north/northwest of Puerto Rico, endemismo went our favorite topographic, climatic, geographic region: Southwest.....Guanica, San German, Mayaguez and those in between spaces.

MARYLEE'S BY THE SEA IS A HOMEY hotel for those not willing to dispense $300.00 pp in the Copa Marina Beach Resort .. The fools in charge irrigate
their turf with water from an acquifier at twelve o'clock, increasing waste and evaporation. On the other hand, they planted a ridiculous amount of palms in a region
that is precisely attractive to critics as yours truly for lacking that: PALMS.

MARYLEE'S on the other hand has Emajaguillas, Rhipsalis, Lemon, Oranges, and the most intelligent ground cover in the desert: gravel. For that reason, and not having TV,
this place owned by a former scuba diving instructor is worth visiting.

It is located passing the CANHA GORDA, public beach. I visited this wonderful
facility and as usual some criticism is worth mentioning. There are showers and close by areas to change clothes. Unfortunately there are no public toilets. Result:
people pee in the spaces to change your clothes. Even worse. The portable outhouses in use are not clean/emptied at the end of the day.

Consequence? Imagine a trio of Sweedish lilly white tourists visiting, enjoying Puerto Rico with the urge of taking a leak/dump and watching the toilet full of human waste, toilet paper to the rims. Sure this is not the blog about positive news about Puerto Rico.
Why should we pretend and flaunt? The excuse? The system to treat used waters
is being installed. This will probably take as long as the PYRAMIDS to be built. What
is the big deal to clean the outhouses at night, daily? Or to take the ones full and
bringing empty ones? ,MENTALLY CHALLENGED of PARQUES NACIONALES do you have the answer?

MY apologies. I can not help it. Back to the studio.
NOW is time to comment a restaurant, live museum in SAN GERMAN a much more
sophisticated city than OLD SAN JUAN, and founder of cities. With the oldest church in the AMERICAS?

When I saw, the architecture of this house from the 1912's I was, to use a cliche, stunned. I will not waste time describing /defining it. Enough is that it is probable one in the top tree designs in the CARIBBEAN. Unfortunately their site has no pictures.
I made a proposal of publishing it here for the 2,300 people who have visited
endemismo trasnochado in the last two years.

But to make things more interesting this marvelous structure across Dr. Veve St. is also a refined restaurant, but not in the fake, pretentious attitude in big cities, SAN JUAN for example.

The hostess a diminutive pretty woman, with an impressive smile, checked my attire,
from feet to top carefully with some confusion. Chill Out flip flops, camouflage shorts and my own designed white tea shirt with an Hibiscus Cannabilus front.

ONCE that impression was forgotten we sat and ordered some well done original aperitives, washed down with our lame, boring MEDALLA beer. The best selling manufactured beer here. There is only four beers to choose from, three are outsiders.

There was lobster and fillet mignon and a marvelous dessert brulee style, made out
of pumpkin/batata or ipomoea for the connoseiur.
The service, surroundings and food is five stars. If you believe that going out is
pretty much an investment to recharge energy in this boring, predictable island life, A2tiempos is the place for you. Just out of this world environment, in one of a kind architectural structures in the Atlantic/Caribbean regions, quality, efficient, professional service and well prepared food.

Goody, goody ah? Well time to come back to reality. One swallow a spring does not make. JOYUDA! God dammed! This area is similar to the METRO AREA in Puerto Rico, Miami Beach or any coast tourist area in SPAIN. Overbuilt, the sea is hidden by the ugliest structures yet built in any coastal area in PUERTO RICO. But I bet, not
unsurpassed, jaha bilingual laugh.

The end is here. I saw San German for the first time when I was 15. Forty two years later I confess that it is still elegant, refined as when writing/talking about the customs/habits in the SOUTH of USA... New Orleans comes to mind in architecture,
music and gastronomy....Final words for someone who thinks of himself as a connaisurese..Yet with a whole wild world to know.. Until then.

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