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miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009


JUST RETURNED from a visit to one of our island government agencies enforcing laws regarding noise and air pollution. The trip was wasted since the agency dealing with air
issues is not in the building I went to. After some l o n g explanation of directions to get there, that I wrote down, I walked back around two miles, to watch the scenery and collect plants if available...

That is when I discovered the restored entrance to Puerto Rico Island of Concreteasphalt, BOTANICAL GARDEN IN Rio 2012. The same crap we have been criticizing humbly, is exactly what TERRA LANDSCAPING is planting/installing there. Not to put us out of balance, the gardeners had fade/worn out cheap tee shirts and yielding short machetes instead of weeders or trowels, while doing the finishing touches of the mentally challenged designed installation.

SOME readers may think that being critical is fun! Give it a try, on your own. Any one
can critize any time. But it can not stop there. Analysis should follow, answers should
be found if available. Yet, it is impossible to reach conclussions that would satisfy the
average high school student, since they average reading understanding is much bellow the actual grade level, in Puerto Rico or USA.

Therefore, I state that all garden installations, from batata climbers trained agronomists, landscape architects, and every other Joe six pack doing installing/maintenance are
unable, incapable of looking at one installation from; ROBERTO BURLE MARX,

Yesterday while observing the TERRA LANSCAPING employees, I wonder why a
BOTANICAL GARDEN, with too many employees already, entomologists, biologists,
agronomers, landscape architects?, machete/trimmer maintenance employees, hydrologists, weed researchers, soil conservation pundits, environmentalists, HAVE
to hire some mentally challenged landscape company to install what looks just like:
PAINTING BY NUMBERS, reds in a group, greens in between, short and very short,
bushes followed by weed looking plants and THAT IS THAT FOLKS!

But not all is lost. There is always hope in individual creativity. Next week conversations
to create a calendar with some of my collection begin. We hope that since Pretty
Grasses does not even have a decent picture to promote their enterprise, they will be the firsts to pay what is worth and buy 3,000 copies as a present to their world wide customers: What you wanted to see, Antigonum's Botanical Family month by month.... Until next...

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