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domingo, 5 de abril de 2009


THANKS TO the urge of walking, trying to keep in shape, I force myself to go out and watch what happens. Since 1969, when my first letter to a local newspaper was published in regards to tree topping in el Pais de Caguas, I have been unable to pretend that what surrounds me is beautiful or with the potential to be. Roads, houses, sidewalks, buildings, parks everything is not what is should/could be. That is why we are here and THANKS to our visiting readers no longer kept in statitistics since Blogger
has blocked that feature.

The picture on top, shows the Baldorioty de Castro Ave, towards the airport. Once upon a time all these concrete, asphalt, housing areas were a cocconut plantation. If you enjoy palms trees you would have had a hell of a time walking through them, Coccoloba uviferas,
Almond trees, Cavalinnas maritimas and so forth, with the bonus salty, gentle Atlantic Ocean breeze.
Nowadays you will be fortunate to cross alive from one side to the other. The picture was taken from a pedestrian over pass..There are two in a five mile tract.

The second was taken for the hell of it. Imagine buying a third rate apartment in a condo for the amount mentioned, far away from everything schools, hospitals, supermarkets, surrounded by riff raff and on top having that humongous truck parked by the side. Imagine having to see it everyday of the week, night and day...

ANITA'S JUNGLE, this handsome grandmother thinks her garden is hot and aesthetically cool. However, when you walk close by and observe the excessive vegetation, one criteria feels suffocated. There is barely any space to walk covered
a sickening kind of shade. ON the other hand, the improper pruning has allowed all the mentioned vegetation to cover the walls with two feet thick of vegetation evenly.

It is impossible to paint or to perform any maintenance to the property without destroying Anita's Jungle. By the way, the two evidently illiterate imported
gardeners do not sweep, they use a blower...Once or twice a month...a waste of money
if you ask me.

FOLLOWING, a hotel installation with excessive amount of palms, Ravenala madascariensis, ferns, ixoras, ruelias probably designed by a landscape architect.
This installation creates lots of problems to maintenance properly since everything
is so close on top of the other. Money, money, money.. One can imagine the amounts
of diseases created by the nonsense lack of ventilation.

The last two pictures at the entrance of the BOTANICAL GARDEN IN RIO, are clear examples of what motivates endemismo. A total lack of interest in creating a nice looking installation. There is no composition, some mounds of dirt created for some
Zen out of place touch...remind us of cowboy movies...when gun fighters were buried
you always had similar mounds, the only thing missing is the cross.

Now you may wonder.. If such an aberration welcomes the visitor, an institution that
should be leading in agriculture, science and related matters allows some fool to design and install a garden..Imagine what is done daily in Puerto Rico USA.

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