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martes, 7 de abril de 2009


IT IS PRETTY impressive the violent protests and the attention given to this meeting in London. Apparently there is no other problem on earth than the banking, financial, construction, deflated economies. However, the motor moving the essence of the malady, AVARICE, continues as if nothing.

One remarkable issue has never distracted me..The amount of white collar crime from
individuals or boards of directors with accountants and auditing institutions as accomplices. When adding all the stolen money, lets pick one, since ENRON, up to
date, including bonuses given to board directors when leaving many of these securities
institutions the amount of billions certainly surpass those over 800 billion injected
to the economy by USA, and the many more from European countries.

I hear not what happened to the thieves caught in the scam, or how much money was recovered, properties and so on. It seems that all this debacle was just an accident.
As if the rip off of the innocent was just that an unfortunate accident, therefore unable to be foreseen.

But this is not the area of expertise. Lets get to it. Landscaping, ecology, and the environment suffer from a similar disease. Individuals, institutions, companies,
governments are ripping off the earth, soil, water, minerals, wood, fishes, animals
every animate/inanimate creature or creation with the same purpose: making money/profits. Thinking of solving problems right away instead of planning to avoid
disasters in the long run.

It is relevant to mention that most people in the world have no water to drink,
wash or irrigate. However, there is evidence as in the Roman Empire, some Asian, and American cultures of irrigation systems designed to cultivate the land and the needs of the population. What happened to all that knowledge, construction techniques that were abandoned, forgotten? After all some of these irrigation systems are still around.

On the gardening in the dirt front, besides this departure, the FRANGIPANIS, stars in my garden updates, the White one finally decided to grow leaves, the Yellow refuses, offering only peach fragrance flowers and the Pink rebellious and original does both: flowers and leaves.

A new variety of Mirabilis siciliana has flowered. It is a light pink and somewhat bigger
than the fuschia with a subtle smell, less intense than the first. Usually opens between three PM and four. They have been planted to receive the scent by the windows with the south winds along with the Frangipanis..

Time to go..On our next presentation we will get into gardening concepts that are
fun and not discussed....

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