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jueves, 23 de abril de 2009


I just watched that film from a Samuel Clemens story, in black and white, my favorite films. The title for what is below is meaningless, just catchy, perhaps.

One thing I can tell, when entering
JOYUDA, in the southwest of the concrete/asphalt island one image comes to mind; 'REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT', with Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney and Anthony Quinn.
At the very beginning, one observes from the boxer's perspective, the lights, ring, all blurry..being beaten by Cassius Clay as he was then known..Until
some punches later Anthony Quinn falls..and later we get a front view of
his smashed face.. I do not remember feeling such sensation of pain, defeated, destroyed, gone for good. Joyuda came to mind, there.

On the collecting scene. A new very rare, really rare plant. Discovered growing in a cyclone fence in Santurce, never, ever before seen, anywhere. It is from
the big Passiflora family: Pasiflora oerstedii. It has to be the smallest among them. The seed is flat, dark, about a quarter of an inch long. You may find it at Dave'sgarden. com. Sorry there are no flowers, but it is similar to the one who gave the family its name, just about an inch or less in diameter and very fragile. I will plant it later on, when this AUGUST heat in APRIL, goes out.

Ever since Al Gore became the Global Heat Guru, everyone jumped on that wagon, and is understood, is cool to repeat without much thinking
what is going on. Just like it happened when Israel kicked some Palestinian butt. A pity any war is. But painting the Palestinian as angels
and the Hebbes as racist and whatever, plain gullible and naive.

Any way if the gases CO2 and any other intangible issue is real, and I will accept it, why no one seems to see the global heat ON EVERY SURFACE OF CEMENT/ASPHALT. What is that an illusion? Heat is heat. Melting of the poles is something else affecting them Inuis. Who says lets stop building highways, houses? And what about the water the earth used
to absorb now running through the gutters toward rivers and oceans?
That water does not increase the volume of the ocean by any remote chance or is it too little as irrelevant?

Sure every bored govermnent official, or island environmental groupies, petition writers and signature collectors, want to plant trees, without maintenance plans. That is why the Ponce de Leon Avenue abounds with trees planted without concern,
knowledge of growth habits. These trees are breaking the sidewalks or getting
slowly strangled at the buttress with steel squares used to keep bricks/pavers in place.

Just thought mentioning that is the difference between this blog, or yours
truly, about the same thing, and others. Horticulture/ecology/environment, is not something I think of at the keyboard, as many jerks without ever planting, doing anything for the environment, not even in their residence, feel they should write about some theoretical issue read somewhere repeated unconsciously to be cool.

If you are to write please plant something for Gods sake, a bean to start.
Until then...

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