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martes, 5 de mayo de 2009


I AM NOT the typical exaggerated, with too many gestures, hands/face, body
expressions of satisfaction, happiness, anger or sadness found in the region. I could
have been British or with Teutonic persuasion. But this morning, even though the
weather has all those characteristics of autumn in New Foundland to pick one, I am certainly happy for a very simple reason, and bear up with the wordiness...

Is not that the music from those two cultural expressions was superior, Ska/Regue,Rock,Punk, for example, particularly during the eighties. Nina Hagen comes to mind, Black Uhuru, The Selector, Five Young Cannibals, UB40, 38 Special, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, The Clash and too many others... Or the beer, sausages, parks, wine, forests, cars, sidewalks, highways, roads, cottage/prairie gardens, and serious respect for silence in all contexts.

NOW regarding our food based on the gastronomy of SPAIN, no comments, some
kick butts, then or now. And Flamenco, Coplas, and the fusion rock/jazz/blues that took place then, I discovered a decade later, working in the Classical Music Department of Virgin MegaStore in Times Square, New York, such as Camaron and his worthy constituents is as cool as those mentioned above... Sober, drunk or stoned.
But these variations of a wide theme, is not what I want to write about, maybe some other time.

The islander nationalist patriotic front freaks that make about five percent of the population, (a few of which we read to be amused) may be watching. Some of which often visit here in disguise, are into ' historical inquisitorial mode' all the time, with no tolerance of any kind of inner criticism or dissent, judging from their narrow world views expressions behind the FLAG blinders, and certain infantile reactions. Their worl is shiite/suni like.

AT any rate. I feel, we feel, (how absurd is to write in third) pretty much as a child
before/after those myths of Three Kings or Santa. The arrival of the seeds, some
are soaking, nicked, following instructions before being planted, have our timid, difficult smile wide. Happiness is here, clear and simple.

It all started after placing a then, DK flower in Dave'sgarden.com searching for
identification help, a feature for members. This horticultural
site is for really interested gardening practitioners. The type that plants, propagates, experiment, read, write and share. It is one of a kind place to learn from gardeners
that take seriously horticultural issues.

Some ot the writers at Dave's are devoted fanatics of turf/palm tree freaks, but I does not matter, the whole is enjoyable most of the time. On the other hand, it shows my tolerance, (very little) to some views and practices that I abhor and denounce.

The flower is the rare, propagated from seeds, stem cuts: Hibiscus cannabiluss. Our horticultural colleague from Texas, Hazel Topoleski, was kind to identify this bush not common/found at all in Puerto Rico, USA and sharing seeds, lots of information about this and other gardening subjects .

This is the list of seeds, mostly climbers and others:

Basella rubra
Senecio confussus

Thumbergia alata *
LLonicera x heckrottii
Antigonun leptopus
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Aristolochia giganteais
Ipomoea alba
Anomatheca laxa
Hibiscus calyphyllus
Chrysactina mexicana
Allamanda schotti

if any reader would like
to exchange seeds
say so

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