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miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009


"ONE OF THE, easiest activities to take on is reforestation. Calls the attention thanks to the memories of El Yunque reforestation. A project should be implemented to plant trees in our roads and urban spaces using unemployed youth, and displaced workers. They could be trained in landscaping design and self employment and after this training to start their own business of landscaping and reforestation.

Green Brigades could be organized for reforestation, with VESTS (emphasis mine) related to this project. In a municipality of Chile, some time ago, I noticed the positive
effect among the citizens of these type of vests among workers of direct help to the citizens.

If a wide project of reforestation is developed we would have created new businesses, new jobs, a coolest country, a project of benefit for Puerto Rico and a heritage for the generation of our grandchildren. A tree takes five years to grow enough to offer shade and could live for over one hundred years. The question is, could we plant 2 million trees in highways and urban spaces to enjoy their shade in 2014?"

el nuevo dia
Nicolas Munhoz
page 45
14 July 2005

In my view, Nicolas, an obscure economist has surely planted a lot of beans and tomatoes in his life. When I thought I had seen/read/observed any possible sign of non-sense, Francisco Vacas, the editor, allow this manure to appear on this daily shopper, passing as a newspaper.

Nicolas was in memory lane mode about a reforestation that took place after some hurricane
in depression times. NOT the mental, the economic from the thirties.

I will not get in the facts of trees lasting a hundred years or growing in five. He should have read some manual about threes lasting 1o or less and growing in thirty. There is no understanding of
the issues, reality of watching television, reading newspapers or observing trees in sidewalks.

The most hillarious part is the one about the VESTS. It is a great injection of positivism in some
municipality in Chile to watch workers wearing some lame, cheap vest as is always the case, to make one feel optimistic.

This is the third side of the coin in Puerto Rico. Good intentions in a vacuum. If you look at the pictures appearing on this blog, or if walking by Ponce de Leon Avenue, or reading about my
inventory of trees you will have the picture of the future of any tree in Puerto Rico in the urban context.

Most empty headed goody goody people with good intentions repeats this crap like a mantra, expecting everyone to believe it. Unfortunately, most islander inhabitants believe it.

Time to go with a question: Why if the world is overpopulated every ignorant fool writing about things they do not grasp, often end "to leave something for our grandchildren". Their grandchildren will certainly be happy having shade instead of some fat bank account.

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