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jueves, 2 de julio de 2009


WATCHING our surroundings with a critical eye, helps to to expand the perspective with an open focus. However, far away reader, in those countries with similar situations, it is necessary to step out of the office,
your backyard, away from trivial informative blogs, with a newspaper syndrome behavior, or teacher in a classroom committee like reasoning
for every action or intention.

I reiterate. One can do something relevant any where. Instead of collecting signatures
for el PETITION, I go out count the trees, observe what is going on and inform. Today I counted the trees on the left side (right side found in
entradas antiguas 06/16/09) of the avenue.


Amacigos 97
Palms 11
Vomitel 3
Empty spaces 16
Ucar 1


Tabebuias 18
Palms in concrete pots 15
Palms in sidewalk 28


Tabebuias 25
Palms 1
Ucar 1
Empty spaces 18

TOTALS: 97 Almacigos, 55 Palms, 43 Tabebuias, 2 Ucar, 3 Vomitel =200
Empty spaces: 34

Observations: Comparing the appearance of Almacigos and Tabebuias in size, the first look
healthier and brake the sidewalk, or lift it, easier than the second. The top is wider and provide
more shade. It is worth mentioning that Tabebuias are more exposed to sun/heat than the first,
through out the avenue, partially explaining their shitty looks, particularly as one moves closer
to el Canho Martin Penha, shortly after the Prudencio Rivera St. ALL these trees branches have been mutilated by machete or chainsaws, most are being strangled at the buttress by metalic square frames to keep the pavers in place.

28 of the Palms were planted recently by common scam artists in front of the Banco Popular
Fine Arts Cinemas in the sidewalk. The metalic grilles at the base are exactly
as the diameter of the installed palms. How would they grow with such barrier, who knows?

I visited the vertical garden (entradas antiguas, 06/04/09), on the premises of the Western Bank.
The Ripsalis like hanging plants are passsing away already. As one moves behind this vertical
monstrosity, the amount of chicken wire exposed is much higher and not even flat. A few ugly
Bromeliads, and Ferns are seen. It gives the impression that these fools have only six species
of plants to choose from. One has to see it to believe it. Caribe Landcapers whatever has the worst installation in my book now. But knowing what these people can accomplish given the opportunity and the big bucks, I am certain that something greater is in the making.

Last but not least the amount of Empty Spaces, is significant in statistics, it does not matter
how the trees were killed, mutilated or destroyed. The result is the same. But since no one
but yours truly makes inventories, how would you know when to substitute them? Or which
other species should be used with better aesthetics effect and resistance to these brutal conditions of heat, carbon monoxide, sun, no irrigation, surrounded by concrete/asphalt in five feet by four spaces? With illiterate private/public employees yielding machetes/chainsaws, cutting left and right branches in the wrong place?

I hope this simple post offer options to those worried about similar issues. One does not have to go to Harvard to create and develop solutions to problems that affect/annoy us. The inventory would be more scientific with two people working at once. One counts, one measures trunk diameter and height and width. There are more technological ways to do things, but in our
countries, those without snow, mostly heat, this could help improve the quality of our cities and
urban context. With a little vision and effort. Collecting signatures for dead trees, when there
are so many trees alive, ignored and destroyed daily, is a whimsical silly, attitude.

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