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domingo, 12 de julio de 2009


BAD NEWS FOLKS.. something rare in this wonder isle. We went the ecoturist way, to the beach in the tittle. It is a historical place since I saw the Atlantic Ocean at the age of eight for the first time then. I remember the blue, intense blue a moment never forgotten. Later, I have visited Luquillo, perhaps ten times in thirty years, perhaps less since I am not fond of the sauna heat, sun screens and all the paraphernalia that goes with the BEACH.

Too many children, fat, obese, noisy ones, with fat, obese parents. Perhaps five out of ten people down here belong to that segment of the population. It is like watching babi-rusas down at the Bronx Zoo.

The water was nice, there were perhaps ten tourists, white/blonds, surely there are others colored; for every thousand isle inhabitants. The music, makes you puke REGUETON for some time too loud as always the case, some tolerable regue, and most noticeable, the amount of people with their own radios in five different stations
all the way up seems to be decaying, IPODS? No money for batteries? That is a good
one, keep a tally.

The service of renting the chairs/umbrellas, pathetic. One guy picks your license, puts a white sticker, writes C/U, ten bucks the umbrella and five for the chair. To pick up your license is the TRIP. Since it is not in alphabetical order but in a stack kept together with a rubber band, the poor dumb fellow goes to every damn driving license at random until he finds yours. Then you walk with the poor overworked
fellow to pick the umbrella. At least this guy had a smile and earned his deserved

The walk to the bathrooms in paths made out of concrete, some with fake bricks were
all full of...make a guess...sand, garbage, tropical almond seeds, and else. No one has
swept these in weeks or months. The palm fronds are hanging or have dropped, on the sand, on the roads, everywhere you can look. The grass is all umkempt. The gutters, pavement with gravel, sand, plastic bags flying, cups, cans and so on.

The recycling bins up to the rim, plastic, glass and aluminum falling on the ground,
but there is no reason to be surprised. Ladies and Gentlemen. Who is in charge of the
maintenance of this dirty beach with tons of dead dry algae, drift wood and else by
the water? The ones and only PARQUES NACIONALES, in a tense struggle to defeat in stupidity the 007 RN and FIDEICOMISO DE CONSERVACION in any relevant issue regarding maintenance of green areas/environment/habitats.

Do not go anywhere..do not touch your mouse. The beginning of this adventure starts with the traffic jam to enter. There is just ONE LANE, with two silly, not two bright employees, in their ugly dark green uniforms. Instead of four, easily accommodated in the same booth, and TWO LANES, possible just with opening the exit, closed at this rush hour. Believe it or not.

WELL, the bathrooms at this beach, or any other public establishment in Puerto Rico such as baseball, basketball stadiums, public schools are a shame. Intense urea fumes in the atmosphere, clogged pipes, urine puddles all over, turds on guard and no toilet paper in sight. One has to see, smell to believe such barbaric potty training failure on one hand. A sign of the cracks in family structure and modern motherhood. I am fiftyseven years old. To watch this sick behavior/indifference
from the public/authorities tells a lot about discipline and priorities of the inhabitants. To witness the same patterns after that original trip to the Atlantic is not amusing.

The other reality, is the incompetent officers, in PARQUES NACIONALES, where are the supervisors? Does any body cares? That is why I express my criticism with such candor. There is nothing to hide. The time for accountability has arrived. Why is the top beach in the NORTH, forgotten by the volunteers environmental garbage collectors segment of the twenty tribes with their niches? Too bad for wrapped in the flag characters, PR inhabitants. Some seem to LOVE this, others
demand that you love it, I can not, will not. As Tina that ugly one, sang: What's love got to do with it?

I write more. When those mystics started EL YUNQUE campaign to have it, (destined to disappear under HOUSING DEVELOPERS MERCENARIES) ES), included in a 7th wonder competition, I let it slide. If this country can not keep clean public toilets in a beach of such exposure, beauty and its surroundings, what the hell will they do with a SEVENTH WONDER?

Unless these day dreamers really think the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in charge of El Yunque and other National Parks installations will remain responsible forever to protect what evidently, judging from my experience, the clowns in government and Parques Nacionales, Fideicomiso and Recursos Naturales (007RN) can not, will not care for. It is time to call a spade, a spade.

And that is that...Another failed trip to the beach... Not a better toilet story than my post on GUANICA with portable toilets to the rim in MAY 2009: Friday, Saturday and Sunday....Puerto Rico, had a bumper sticker: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.
I humbly add, take the blinders off, it is what it is.


LOTS of beach fans seems unable to enjoy their stay
unless they bring a barbecue with dogs, burgers or chicken. Like
a security blanket.
The smoke in your eyes, fumes, charcoal, pollution. Where do you think this
hot charcoal refuse and ashes go? From hundreds of people?
You are correct! Right in the trunk of the trees and palms where their fat asses
had spent the day!

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Edna dijo...

i thought unkept grass was your fetiche. JAJAJA risa boricua. Que hacer con el parque jurasico, anihilation comes to mind? Por lo demas criar y crear conciencia.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

I see Edna, darling, that you are one of those anonymous islanders loving me in silence?

I hate grass/lawns sweetie, how can it be my fetish? It has no magical power,it is something
one loves in a sickly manner, as in nice looking feet. See the difference?

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