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jueves, 16 de julio de 2009


SOMEHOW, I woke up with those wild west towns in mind. You may take your pick, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood ones. The classical come with optional whore house, blacksmith, stables, barber shop, saloon, church, sheriff office, dry goods and hardware store.

Lets see how this pattern is repeated in Puerto Rico. Some avaricious HOUSING DEVELOPER with engineers, landscape architects, agronomists as acomplices present a 'plan' to ARPE, 007RN, to build fifty, hundred, five hundred houses, a Caribbean skyscraper or walk up, any where in the main island or its territories.

My experience from what I see, or from what the media presents every time a new scam is denounced, it that with the right connections, with the appropriate bribes, you can build anywhere, right by the ocean or dried swamps, swamps, or areas prone to floods.

Forget about the pressure this unreasonable, exploitative manner to conduct business and development puts in the environment. Even though Gonzalez Bauza, the obscure, sinister
ghost from Gramas Lindas, is still stuck with my tree inventory. As usual criticizing my unique stance about the fools in the puddle, or the 'simplistic fashion' of doing it, no inventory of flora/fauna is done. If he has any inventory please publish them in the internationally known
well read, with tons of readers, blog of his.

If any reader from those far away places reading this blog ocassionally would like to help me
to get rid of this resistant pest, please send an email to: sales@gramaslindas.com, yamir@gramaslindas.com or info@tropicgardens.com. Please REQUEST the source of tree inventories that apparently Mr. Bauza and no one else has. Or any biometric report. I would
appreciate it.

Wild west towns and those somewhat tamed were practical. One arrived in the horse, tying it to
the available spot, got a shot of bourbon or whiskey and went on your thing. In any of the housing projects built and planned during the last fifty years in Puerto Rico, (copied from
the originals in Long Island, by Levitt and Sons) THERE WAS NEVER, room for stores or any kind, hospitals or schools, doctor offices, lawyers, locksmiths to name a few in any plan. No room for future needs except in very few, with the fingers of both hands.

As a result, the residences built for families were used as such for some time. Later, those houses, preferably on main roads with lots of traffic, would be transformed in any fashion imaginable to accommodate whatever the property owner wanted. Pizza places, bars, pool halls, offices of every kind, cashier/check shops, pawnshops and any other type of store you could imagine.

The front yard of these houses with turf originally, became parking lots for the business in question. Since there was no design in the road to allow this kind of entering/exiting of cars
constantly, it is almost impossible to travel from one direction to the other with the amount of cars entering or leaving the premises, blocking the right of way, creating pretty picturesque traffic jams day and night.

If the New York Times is correct in Jakarta, the amount of cars has reached the point of no return. Even though a system of car pooling was created, similar to the one in California to avoid single passenger cars creating waste and jams, it has failed. Even though it is useful and has created jobs for people getting paid to travel in cars, too many vehicles for the roads.

I bet that Puerto Rico will be in similar situation in less than five years. Yesterday I went to do my usual ecotourist trip to the COUNTRY OF CAGUAS, a valley known in the past for tobbacco, sugar cane and coffee in the outskirts. The amount of cars in every direction at such hour, is nighmarish. Thank god I do not have to drive!

To close here, the environment will not be rescued, saved, helped unless we get rid of housing developers, roads and cars. I do not care what you say/write. Colective means of transportation
is the only way. Why should every person have a house and a car? That is what created the housing crisis in first place in USA, besides the scams from banks, mortgage originators, real estate brokers. Not every person have the means to pay for mortgages, built rentals for those
and avoid the tendency in Puerto Rico. Avarice dictates what you pay. Any shitty, apartment recently built, with many construction deffects (vices of construction) cost on average $250,000 USA.

The Jakarta Way? Well, twenty years or so Jakarta had a crazy boom of financial prosperity reflected in the avarice of construction developers and speculators. Skyscrappers real ones
were built and never finished. In some there are trees growing thirty, forty feet high among
the walls and floors.

Puerto Rico? Lets wait and see. If there are fifty thousand apartments in inventory and the idiots continue building apartments left and right at $300,000 and up, even with the cool money laundering going on in this USA territory, the market will never absorb such amount of empty apartments.
Puerto Rico the Jakarta of the Caribbean. Lets wait and see. If am mistaken, better for all.

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