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jueves, 9 de julio de 2009


I WILL GET later to the tittle. Meanwhile, if you come here to read about gardens,
horticulture, maintenance and such my apologies, I have neglected to inform this
reader segment on such happenings. But some of the stories to be told are new, even
if the plants have been with me for some time now, the Thevetia and Zamia for example. It will be a nice change of pace. Going out of our residence becomes a pain in the ass, environmentally wise as I will mention later.

Ipomoea alba, this climber was a seed exchange, mentioned before, if interested as the exact time that was planted go back in time. The flower diameter is about six inches. It begins to open between four thirty and five daily, one can see it completely opened the morning after, for a short while. Even when it fades is beautiful, it closes tightly and falls. Thanks
to Hazel Topoleski in Texas, I have this unique vine/climber, related to Bejuco de Puerco, another Ipomoea with a tendency I dislike a lot, it grows on the ground as grass or other invasives, ruining the effect.
Please go from the bottom up, not hard to figure out.

Zamia, from Bayamon, by division. The original, old, twice as big was inside, a problem with exterior plants. It got the worst plague of scales
I have ever thing in decades. This one is about five years, the pot was a present from a former IRS, coworker infatuated with his AUDI. A nice
fellow, great humor, do not know what will become of him if that car ever gets scratched or stolen.

Gisela and Jessica Trellis, these are made with nylon strings. The
T pipes as you could have guessed were for clothing lines. The second trellis looks much better as an upside down sail. If you look carefully the p strings are one on top of the other. The visual effect will be similar as
those highways with many levels and angles. There is a spider in residence where the two top strings are closer to each other, a bonus for any gardener, and some competition to the fourteen lizards of all colors between dark/brown/black to pale cream and sizes that
accompany me daily when I water them plants.

Most of the vines are assorted Ipomoeas I collected for the last 2/3 years, t among them
Clitorea ternatea, a favorite, and a rare one Cavalinna maritima. Advise to the wise gardener, these vines transpire a lot, even with moderate heat.
I do not suggest to plant them in pots at all, too much watering required.

The women with the actual names, were two blondes. One a senior, the other a junior. Nice blue eyes Teutonic all the way...unannounced envoys who God only knows what happened to them. Brought memories of old
refried hyppies.

Thevetia and Bixa orellana, the first is from a seed I collected, planted
in front of a cemetery in Villa Palmeras, where an old lady sell flowers
for the occasion in front of her house. I have never seen this tree that could grow up to forty feet high in my life. Later, during the last four
years I have seem some old specimens. I tell you what, unless you do not
mind sweeping leaves, seeds and flowers in the hundreds, do not plant it
in an urban context close to any paved areas.

Bixa orellana is a great conversation piece, the flowers are pretty, particularly a pink variety that is not the one I have. The native indians
used it for coloring food and other activities that you can research for sure.
I do not like the shape and size of the leaves and will not be able to plant
it anywhere in the yard for aesthetics reasons. I can not help it. But I know if I had double the area to garden, it would have it in a spot away from the rest.


I have been thinking that to call , define, describe yourself as environmentalist demands
getting rid of your lawn, palms and hedges. Why? Unless you cut your grass with a herd of goats
or other rummiants of your preference, or a push mower, some can be used with horses, you
are polluting the environment in the following manner: gas, oil fumes, or spilled on the
ground, water. You are making noise, disturbing the peace for neighbors, flora and fauna.
If you are a LAWN FREAK, surely using fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
to keep your sterile good for nothing lawn lush and green, you are forgive me for being
so blunt, not my nature, screwin it up everything for everyone....and CLAIMING to be
an environmentalist. Unless you are a CATHOLIC, I inform you that one can not
be half a vegetarian, or cross the bridge just one half. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH,
plant something, learn something about the environment, perhaps a dozen botanical names,
share it with your worthy constituents, go out and SMELL THE ROSES.

If what I have claimed to be the first inventory of trees in the Metro Area of San Juan is not,
then is the second. Certainly, the great society of islander arborists could find
if the claim is valid or not. I wrote it is the first, and so it will be until
something different appears.

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