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sábado, 11 de julio de 2009


DO NOT KNOW... In this field one has to multi task, the obssesion with 007RN, shows once again, the blindfolds of this obscure group, ignorant MYSTICS of essential
notions of what biodiversity, environment, habitats and everything else is.

They can not identify the average mutilated tree in our urban context( except in the mall of their preference) or determine if sick, planted, taken care off correctly. Is all for entertainment purposes. I suggest to this credential less preachy, touchy fellows that either they educate themselves, get some workshops to write with some authority beyond the sentimental, flimsy moods that caused the 1000 futile ones.

To show our readers in far away lands the reality of urban trees, the environment now and certainly what it will be in the future some pictures result of the First Tree Inventory of the Rio San Juan Area in Ponce de Leon Avenue. I dedicate this effort
to our Crusaders with the Blindfold, The Lesperians.
They do not walk in our streets. They never mention the subject perhaps because I, your humble servant have.

Marvel at Rio: This ugly construction created some reaction
initially when some Mahogany trees were cut off from the premises.
Students chained themselves to the fence, they appeared on the news.
Here is the result. Nothing changed. Rio Piedras used to be a charming place. Now is a ghost town, just missing the tumble weeds. This park was ugly,
from the start, Puerto Rico could be the only place where restoring
results in an uglier version, more expensive than what it used to be. In addition of lost somewhat old but shady Mahogany trees versus dead ugly, dry,
palm trees.

No trees/The lesperians do not see them: during my ten miles
walk on three days during the inventory of around 700 trees and
90 empty spaces I mentioned all the issues and problems with the
standing trees. Where are the trees that should be in these squares?
Should others be planted? The thing I still do not get is the silence
of the crusaders mentioned and every other fool in that bag about

The metal cilinder: This is a bonus for the fifty or so islander
inhabitants that visit the blog. It is is on the Vertical Garden istallation
mentioned before at Western Bank. What is the point?
These metallic aberrations fixed to the ground and trunk will strangle
the palm since there is no space for growth in the future.
Believe it or not.

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