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sábado, 4 de julio de 2009


FAR AWAY READER, if you visit once in a while, please check Magha the Amusing
Magician, post to get in the mood. Meanwhile this article promises a new world of
entertainment. For this reason, I remind those new arrivals that my writing style is
a result of the influence of James Joyce, Dubliners, Garcia Marquez, One Hundred,
Oracio Quiroga and Poe short stories, Miller, Tropic of Cancer, George Orwell, Shooting and elephant. That name dropping is enough for now, since my writing
skills are evidence of these writers, Jaha bilingual laugh, quite the contrary.

WARNING, this report may reach new lengths wordy wise, for that reason I will go as usual, OR use the two or three parts structure, if needed. NOW music please. The original tv theme written by that marvelous Argentinian, Lalo Schiffrin, composer of some the hottest movies/tv themes, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, or the one in Dragnet, TAKE THE A TRAIN or CARAVAN, composed by fellow bright islander, JUAN TIZOL, when in Duke Ellington's band.

Why? I mentioned it already
. This is different and we need some imaginary music, perhaps some Balveine in a sniffter, Moctezuma tequila, lemon/salt, or some
Jameson stright up, and a San Miguel from Spain/Phillipines or Guiness as chasers
to make this adventure more pleasant.

Without any further redue...I sent an email to the banking people, WESTERN BANK,
victims and/or partners in the VERTICAL GARDEN discussed twice previously in your 'humble' servant's blog. The multiple responses came machine gun fashion. They responded I responded, and so on. However, something was wrong. Very wrong. The last person responding pretended not to know what I what writing about.

Imagine if in front of your residence/building there is a ridiculous huge construction,
that has taken almost a year to finish. With a VERTICAL GARDEN, statue,
fountains, palms and such...Well this gentleman whose words will be translated with
my known limitations in such tasks, soon, asked moi what garden I was writing about. Well ladies and gentlemen, if you do not mind I will start with the last communication and later, if possible, the first 2 or 3, it is a real trip. It has certainly surpassed to my surprise the Magha Garcia's adventure with her too messengers who
came unanounced, Jessica and Gisela.

I tried to translate with the necessary smoothness from one language to the other,
if you are not happy with it, too bad. An idea of how this bank officer mind works is sufficient.
It represents how islanders in such high positions and lower think, react, handle
the language, no matter their rank/education.

"Ay don Raul, (keyboard operator other nick) with all my spirit and energy, I did not intend to offend you, It was just a courtesy, of an umbrella (emphasis mine).

Apparently you and I do not understand each other and I would not like that you do not understand me and much less not to understand you.

As you wish, that we continue or end our relation.

But from my heart It would be very important that your recommendations if you still wish to do so, to accept you as you are, to accept your recommendations, to respect you, to admire you as a human being and as
'Creative Horticultural Critic' known in five continents.

Because your friendship will help me grow and above all your wisdom."

yourself in my position. This gentleman is the VP in Public Relations of Westernbank. I sent a warning/criticisms, the link of the blog, and some relevant miscellaneous information. The V G costs easily, $1,000,000 bucks, with all the paraphernalia, not mentioned, but evident. He pretends not to know what I am talking about, and shortly afterward (in the next chapter) offers me from the kindness of his banking heart, driven by avarice and interest: a six bucks umbrella, out of the blue. With the instructions to call to pick it up!

Now assuming my information is correct, I will put arbitrarily a price of $5o,ooo dollars. That is a small amount considering the cost of the instalation, not finished yet, and the cost of maintenance. This vicepresident of the bank offers me a SIX DOLLARS CHINESE UMBRELLA, and that is that. If any reader would like to confirm,
please may call: 787-450-3538. I told it was different. Wait until you read
the first email. A mescaline/acid trip, Mother Theresa kind of....
Part ll, appearing shortly, very shortly on up in the breadfruit tree..

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