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lunes, 6 de julio de 2009


What I had in mind was to go out either to continue the tree inventory from
Sagrado Corazon toward San Juan or to Rio, to picture perhaps the biggest, most
magnificent trees in that ghost town and a couple of Terminalia catappas in the
Hato Rey area, or Golden Mile, as in money, banking before the crisis.

However, the weather today is just like Maine, Vermont or MA, "it was a dark and
stormy night", dark, almost black clouds, lightning and thunder abundant and rather cool. The rain is on an off, but not like the far east, with months of rhinos and elephants constant fall.

Here it would be nice to wonder, why some of the Western non aboriginal cultures, developed in places with less than thirty inches of rain, perhaps a little more. I declare that in that bag, I find much more attractive the religion, culture, diet,
architecture of Thailand, India, Japan, China, do not ask why. Perhaps is the tone of skin color of their women, the curves in the buildings the opposite of straight, dull, squares and rectangles.

Back to rain and such, I am not fond of rain forests at all, always crowded with
hollering parents/children. Ruining the experience. In Puerto Rico there is one. EL YUNQUE, some islander mystics, have this inexplicable campaign to have it
chosen as some wonder of the world! Evidently, these mystic monks, in charge with the silly good intentions, of the 1000 signatures, that I often perceive, and others seem blind to, have not seen the amazing traffic jams every spring/summer/fall in places like YELLOWSTONE, of
hundred thousands of people not moving anywhere in a line of cars, with the motor on, air conditioning on, exhaust fumes polluting the air with carbon monoxide, creating noise, affecting flora and fauna: what they go to admire!

But that is me, perhaps you think differently, and see something positive in this mentally challenged behavior. I do not see any little good in such situations. In
brief there, is too much people on earth. When the herd decides at the same time
to do the same things, laugh at their own lame jokes, scratch each other backs, perhaps an urge consequence of being gregarious, (a disease
I am inmune to) air pollution, noise and violence as in road rage erupts.

If this campaign to have EL YUNQUE, about fortyfive minutes in odd hour conditions from our residence, is successful, and a YUNQUE pandemic erupts,
I can see the traffic jams, just like those in Manhattan, New York, by the George
Washington bridge during the morning and evening rush hours: a total noisy,
polluting nightmare. An there it goes...the seventh wonder...ruined by goody goody
people with good intentions blind to actions and consequences.

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