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miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009


ENDEMISMOTRASNOCHADO HAS accomplished a feat that no one else has claimed in modern or past times. The first complete INVENTORY of palms, trees
planted on both sidewalks from Rio Piedras ' Ghost Town' to Miramar, San Juan. Area.

If you are of the lesperian persuassion, (an obscure cult of make believe environmentalists) see it your way, this feat it is like eating four hundred hot dogs on the Fourth of July at Nathan's, in the world famous Brooklyn Coney Island Park, in fifteen minutes. With a little difference, the walking of fourteen miles (maybe more) helped me get thiner/handsome with ten pounds less.

Another slight difference is that once upon a time, the matriarch defined collecting
signatures through the web as 'DOING SOMETHING'. Diminutive, Paul Bayman, biologist, member of the Sierra Club with similar skills/resume, defined my views as 'mere whining'.. Well Pablito what do you say know? After all, you give tours about trees but seem unable to see sick/mutilated trees and the indifference unwilling to denounce/correct, give guidance, having some credentials, missing some courage in the University
of Puerto Rico? Oh, pardon moi, perhaps it is not in your job description or in the
Civic Ladies Position of the Sierra Club. Deaf/blind/mute apparently on this issues.
Ooopps, I just remembered of the promiscuous relation between Sierritos/Fideicomisos de Conservacion. Forget my words please, it can not be helped.

One thing is certain. I do not ENJOY when others hit a wall after the facts, there is no happiness here, (the will is similar), just a great desire to squash the responsibles ones of every ecocriminal activity soon or surely later.

KEEPING the focus, the Botanical Garden, theoretically is full of entomologists,
botanists, arborists and such. What are these scientists into? No one knows, is a well kept secret or mistery. There is not
a web page with the inventory of botanical names of what they have planted in their green pastures, or their discoveries, and/or research available for people as your truly.

Parques Nacionales, 007 Recursos Naturales (007RN), Fideicomiso de Conservacion, are crippled on the same leg (Spanish saying). How many employees are in these four good for nothing, government agencies. Five thousand, 1, 2 before
the firings/forced retirement? NO ONE thought of the relevance of a TREE INVENTORY EVER? Even though this notorious trilogy of agencies should be the ones setting trends, informing, educating the populace? If you offer me a position
I do it for free. I have the credentials and burning desire to be an Ilustrated Despot
in charge of your dead brains staff and managerial personnel.

Well I made the first inventory ever in our history, that I know of at least in fifty years. Horray for me...Thanks to the readers who have follow this adventure. Now, if you have a similar situation in your country, nobody listening, do the same...The environment will appreciate it...


Almacigos 4
DK 1
Pitheloubium dulce 1
Eucaliptos 6
Lagerstromia 4


Almacigos 111
Empty Spaces 1
Mutilated 2
Totals 130

Now that hatched chickens have been counted, It is pertinent to measure these
trees, with necessary recommendations as to which ones should be eliminated, uprooted for
growth defects or diseases. Later to plant the best species in the almost one hundred empty spaces, of mysteriously disappeared ones.

On my next posts, I will mention some anecdotes of what has been learned in the process. To the readers in countries with similar situations, an invitation to do something, go out yourself. What you do not know ask, search, investigate.

Words of Wisdom

Genghis Khan that marvelous
conqueror, forgave many things
from his opponents, except one:
Do not shoot the messenger

Sorry! I did not study

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Juanml dijo...

Congratulation on your feat. Maybe you should publish some of your work (I know you do in your blogs), that way students and "experts" can learn from it. Have a good day.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Thanks for your words. I have thought
of it.. It would be a matter of finding an editor..Until next.