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jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010



At the Plaza mall, dropped by to check an exhibition of classics, from those days when I was a child. Hordes of fat mothers, fathers and their children. It feels like Patagonia, among penguins, sea lions and killer whales, on the ground, walking.

At the bookstore nothing to read, except one coffee table one on trees of the world. Only Baobabs, old Olive trees and Dracaena Dragos from tropical regions really attract my attention.

The British and Germans stole the show with their MG, Triumph, Austin
Healys, VW and Karman Ghia. FROM the USA, only Carol Shelby's,
Cobras really still impress me.
I am writing about those models from 60/70's.

If you grew up around auto body shops, as your humble servant, you got some memories, but also criteria. When I think about those Fords, Chevy's and Chrysler's, I thought of living rooms on wheels. UGLY, TACKY comes to mind. On the other hand with one Chrysler you could probably build three MG's, saving tons of chromium, not to get into mileage, CO2 to the atmosphere, the elegance, sporty look.

But being endemismo what it is, lets get it on.

Guerrilla Gardening Act IV.

The new theater of operations is a big concrete parking space, in San Carlos, an abandoned building. There is a 100 feet long 24" wide space
of soil pretending to be a bed, for a garden. I imagine they ran out of concrete, and left the bare ground for whatever reasons, maybe a weeds garden.

I have planted the following seeds: Pithelobium, Mahogany, Ipomoea, Cosmos sulpherous, Merremia quinquefolia, Clitoria ternatea, Pandanus and Maguey. The last two, are plants about 3" tall, planted two feet apart and will have to be removed eventually. They can grow twenty times that, in adequate space, but it would take ten years.

Today I went to check the surroundings with my one gallon water spray,
covering every one mentioned above. The advantage of this site versus the
one by the train station is that no person with a trimmer has been on the premises. Therefore, their chances for reaching adulthood are theoretically higher.

Finally, orchard wise news at home.. The Carica papaya is very healthy. It is about 12' tall and 8" diameter trunk, many flowers and three promising fruits for March, about 6" long... The grafted lemon is on its third crop, fragrant flowers, the oranges still taking their time...

One detail not mentioned before, Cavalinna maritima, that sand/salt lover vine, has a great fragrance....Discovered recently, and that is that...

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