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miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010


WHAT can I say? When I started planting three decades ago, edibles were not part of the scheme. Oregano, basil, capsicum, rosemary, fruits or tubers, none of it. In the ornamental department not everything got my attention or interest. I did not know then, anything except digging the hole, planting and watering. Unfortunately, it seems that most people seem satisfied about gardening and biodiversity, with just THAT.

Things have changed. Now I look at the whole picture. Bitching and critical, not necessarily based on aesthetics, but what is better for all. Flora and Fauna. A garden (Nature) should not be anthromorphised. Mine is thought in terms of variables regarding shade, heat, irrigation, resistance to diseases, insects, salt breeze and most important, avoiding common places in selection of plants. The beauty aspect of it, is taking a back seat, as time goes by, I care less about it.

The amount of lizards have increased thanks to over five types of vines in the north/south gardens. They have been mentioned before (vines), will not get into that. These vines attract small flies, the wise lizards escort them morning and afternoon when they seem more active.

Most lizards are not too afraid of yours truly, some hit the road as soon
as I get closer, most just hang and watch, I imagine a group may even recognize moi. When I water spray the foliage, unless the water hits them directly, will not move to catch the insects escaping the liquid. It is a real trip watching these fellows, always attentive to their surroundings. Cats and birds are their predators. Other than that, they live happily and well fed. Yet, it is worthy of mentioning that some handsome spiders are moving in. Their number has increased slowly and preferring the south
side, creating some competition. The way I see it there is plenty of food for all.

The lemon three is now on the third crop, something I would not imagine
when it arrived a year ago. It is not three feet high, healthy, except for the
attacks of different insects into the sap sucking mood. If you do not monitor constantly, the ugly, sticky damage gets worse as time go by.

The orange tree, has had the fruits for a l o n g time...Still not ready. By the way, in a post from the past, I mentioned the ugly woman, a resident
of LOIZA, employee from the Environmental Quality Board, who came to measure the noise levels from Universidad Sagrado Corazon. This character asked me if these were pumpkins! Make what you wish about
that. But it is a sign of disconnection between people and nature (edible/drinkable). Or a feeble minded quality of some segments of the urban native islanders.

As usual, time to go, still happy after all....

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Stephanie dijo...

Hi! That's a friendly lizard? Looks scary to me. I dislike lizards!

Oh, that hibiscus below the lizard pic is pretty ;-).

After decades of gardening, you are a smarter gardener now. Just like myself, I am learning new things everyday. And in fact, just by dropping by your blog, I learn new things :-D

Happy discovering somthing new daily yeah.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

I understand the fear. If you have seen those LIZARDS, looking like dinosaurs, close by, I would understand some fear. They scare me.
Particularly their claws, nothing to be ashamed off...But these fellows would be more scare of you than vice versa.

I am glad that you enjoy that Hibiscus. There are 3 or 4 in the collection. I have not seen one I do not like. It does not mean I would have any, but in general.

As I grow older, I agree with you.
Becoming a smarter gardener in theory/practice is a hell of a fun

Thanks for dropping by...It is always
stimulating to get some feedback. Particularly from TROPICAL REGIONS, the other side of the world.

The Rainforest Gardener dijo...

the cuban brown anoles terrorize my fiance, running out in front of her with no fear at all. I keep trying to tell her that the green anoles are sweet little things but she's afraid of them all.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

That is interesting. Two ladies afraid
of helpful garden helpers. What about spiders? This presents an opportunity to inquire.

What are you afraid of in the outdoors?

By the way our lizards, are in the Anolis family. There are other much bigger, endemic and cute in Puerto Rico. But I do not have the botanical at hand.

One thing is certain, the feral cat
in Bouret street and nearby streets
have eliminated this quick handsome
Thanks for the feedback.....