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miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010


PERHAPS a month ago, down by my new guerrilla theater, the former San Carlos Hospital at the end of Bouret St. and Ponce de Leon Avenue, one graffiti high school drop out 'artist' uprooted a Tabebuia. Some species are beautiful, not one of my favorites since they self seed all over the place in any crack. My anger was intense since I could not figure out, why would any one do such a thing.

I kept wondering. The next day I went to check how the Pithelobium, Cosmos, Pumpkin, Merremia, Clitorias seeds, planted the week before were doing and voila, looking at the wall I discovered it... The drop out pulled
out the one year old because it got in the way of his GRAFFITI.

That ancient way of leaving one's trace has always been something silly,
adequate for adolescent minds refusing to become adults with all the virtues and defects it takes. In my critical eyes.

Have you dear reader developed any criteria about this subject? IN every imaginable ghetto in any part of the world New York, LA, Paris, London
the fonts are similar, the tags marking territory as animals do with urine.
When I see graffiti in Puerco Rico, what I see behind, what I imagine behind those often immigrant/illegals minds is revenge at the rejection
they certainly receive, perceive. The bigger the font/lettering the greater
the frustration.

Screw them. Only when I see on television ART, with graffiti, you know
composition, focus, perspective I appreciate the ART within..TAGS are
the work of the feeble minded and drop outs. By the way, those spray cans cost $10.00, they deface any wall in abandoned buildings or those
with their usual residents. Some really illiterate use sixteen inch wide
paint rollers to tag their nicks in TWO colors... And some fools think,
write, talk about graffiti as ART. As if art is anything that any retarded
outcast paints on the wall of his arbitrary predilection.

The jerks into graffiti should convert into Guerrilla Gardening. It is less
expensive. Last longer, you may get real beauty with plants, trees, vines and or edibles. This eliminates that feeling of hostility and anger, frustration, that shitty graffiti from underdeveloped minds in Puerco Rico create.

It is pathetic that government agencies allow graffiti as the ones described
here to become visible on its properties. It provides an anything goes vision on these sick minds. If they can do it, anyone can....on any surface...

Moons ago, during the sixties, a graffiti/mural fever covered the whole island with TAINO motives. Some people here think/believe that WE are TAINOS, Ricardo Alegria and company, the Cultural Institute of Puerto Rico, even though they
disappeared shortly after the arrival of Spain, the Mother Country. Even if I think that was also shitty, a fad...That was art, even if did/do not like it. Done by recognized artists. There was theme, perspective, focus, composition, no ghetto territory marks tags. Screw them again!

Graffiti is visual pollution, repetitious and hostile. It is my perception. Gardening guerrilla is useful in many ways, even
when most people do not really see/perceive/care about vegetation, it
creates, instead of destroying. Time to go...

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Rose dijo...

I've never understood vandalism of any kind--what does the person gain from it?? Guerilla gardening would be such a better alternative--think how beautiful the cities could be if everyone sneaked in a flower here and there.

Thanks for visiting me blog; love your header photo--I can't wait for spring and to see the redbuds in my own yard!

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Any person feels some relief from
ventilating anger...The most intense
anger ever ventilated was by Timothy McVee, in a federal building with fertilizers...

Thanks for dropping by. This redbuds are found in Chinatown, Manhattan, NY.