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domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010


WATCHING THE BBC was a little hard to believe. An agreement between
those who have been enemies for centuries has been reached after a marathon of conversations. A certain spark of happiness and hope invaded yours truly.

After all IRELAND provided the fundamentals for Boston one of the most interesting cities in USA, the Boston Celtics when they were ethnically correct or more of my liking, with Larry Bird and company. The NBA looks like some basketball league out in Togo, to name a country in the news. With some token pale players...I hate street ball, dunking a la Cirque de Soleil, and those ancient tribal gestures after a dunk/basket.
Oh, by the way all them NBA's carry the ball, and often run with it...

Sorry...IRELAND, other reasons why I have great affection for these chaps and ladies, is their Jameson and Guinness. Their music and that
weird dance with paralyzed arms. It is really something. I do not know
about the Bono, but what the heck. Congratulations to all Irishmen/women all over the world and those at home.


YESTERDAY, was mostly irrigation day. Two hours in the south side
with the drip kind, with final touches with a hose. The concrete/asphalt warming, that never mentioned warming is felt, already. Being so far away from June, sure sign is going to be hell, again...

PLANT relocation....Just made a quick research to provide the botanical for MAGUEY, but it is not going to be easy. Lets leave it at that for now. The Maguey along with the Pandanus had been planted for a year in the west side high bed shown
in some pictures.. The are ready to become part of the guerrilla gardening community and now happily in five gallon liners...I have kept 3 off shoots of each..

Pseuderantemum carruthersii went from north to west, in bed. A Gardenia from right to left in the same bed. An endemic Anthurium, from the front of the house,
to the north side. This plant was collected after some rain storm brought it down its
perch in the rocky/clay soil in the from Cayey to Guayama City. I do not care, about
these plants AT ALL. But looks cool among the others. This shows gardening flexibility. It is better to bend as Confucius mentioned, as some trees are capable of doing, than to break.

In Puerco Rico, USA,is fashionable now to add the English word city, to towns. Thus,
towns known for centuries just as Guaynabo, for example, the pioneer with this ridiculous trend, is now Guaynabo City. The politicians feel we get closer to mainland USA, becoming better second class American citizens. That way they may accept them/us in the Union, becoming the 51 state. Believe it or not. The street traffic signs also move in that direction. These show the national mental feebleness I always bring up, since what are the colors of a stop/pare sign, anywhere?

Now for the first time I leave. Happy, for the IRISH, and that is that...

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