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martes, 2 de febrero de 2010


LOOKING at the world, while thinking by myself, with my right/wrong parameters, I declare that only when women STOP getting
pregnant at random, will the world be able to sustain its population.

Yesterday I saw some people in INDIA, living near by huge coal underground fire in a region/territory not different from the one I just read about in PA, in the USA.

Imagine a fire lasting over a hundred years, and poor people living close by. Why the uninitiated reader may wonder? In the case of India...the women/children/men live from the income provided by selling available coal. It is picked up with bare hands and carried on balanced bunches
on the head to the market.

When one watches with a critical focus, what goes on in your country, or
ours, an evident repetitious situation comes clear...People screwing for
biological needs, entertainment, boredom, getting pregnant...and then crying about poverty and not having enough to feed their children. Or migrating where they are NOT welcome for a "better future for their children".

WOMEN have to stop being just like donkeys, particularly those from cultures in which submission is expected/commanded at all times. Particularly Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Why should children and women be the ones carrying the whole weight of an IRRATIONAL system of sharing responsibility in which men have the easy way out always?

I am tired of watching women, not only delivering children as rabbits, but, having to fetch wood, food, washing/doing the cooking...If men can not resist the urge of on warm inviting vertical smile/prairy...., if your
will is strong but the flesh is weak, let them, just do NOT GETpregnant...Or pay the price...

As with women under those burqas, be a slave, obedient, following the herd, and do not complaint about your destiny or that of your children. time to go...And remember, in France no burqas allowed from now on

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