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sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010


STIGMA VS STATUS, is part of the parameters of language in Linguistics.
The branch of knowledge involved in what else, language related issues.
It seems that all started with Ferdinand d' Saussure, moons ago, if curious
go ahead and research, you will probably go nuts finding out how wide is
this type of analysis, and how much court it covers.

For us, lets be brief...In the ideal SPANISH, the one only academicians speak, pronouncing R, S, where one is supposed to, makes you a status speaker for example, Arbol, Zapatos, Amor, Partido versus Albol, Zapatoh, Amol, Paltio.

As you see the first words 3 are similar in two things, typical of the CARIBBEAN, the R was changed to L, the S omitted, deleted. With the last example, partido, the word was transformed since the D, in the last syllable disappeared and instead of ido, we get io, instead of partido, paltio.
There is the less effort law. It takes less to pronounce L than R, or the S.
That is why I LOVE people from the Canary Islands, Andalucia, Spain, they are the most intelligent speakers regarding the issue.

In English, lets take the speak of Negros or Rednecks, just one example will suffice. Ain't got nobody that I can depend on. The use of that contraction instead of, I do not have anyone or I got no one, makes you an idiot in the ears/understanding of many pretentious people, paying attention not to the message or essence. In the Spanish examples the same is true. The extrapolations are infinite if you are into this field.

Can we apply the rule, concept to GARDENING/HORTICULTURE? I have. It is applicable to Puerco Rico, USA, but I am more than certain
that in the five continents, similar examples can be found. After all,
I spend most of the time thinking about this or the practical angle of it.

I have prepared this list of plants, bushes and palms that places 98% of
the population of Puerco Rico in the stigmatized horticultural spectrum.
Me? I belong to the little % left. As anything you may disagree. Warning.
If you do, develop your own writing/debate scaffold for the rebuttal since
this is not pulled from any sleeve.



Washingtonia robusta/filifera
Rhapis excelsa
Veitchia Merrillii
Ptychosperma macarthrurii
Roystonea regia
Phoenix Roebelinii
Pritchardia pacifica
Phoenix canariensis
Cocos nucifera
Licuala grandis
Coccotrhinax alta
Bismarckia nobilis

Here is the whole picture of the dull, lame gardening scene in
Puerco Rico through the palm infatuation imposed by every
imaginable JERK in the private/public sectors of
landscape installations, including private residences
with post stamp size yards.


Acalipha wilkesiana
Anthurium anoraenum
Brugmansias suaveolens
Callistemon citrinus/viminalis
Dracaena fragrans
Eucaliptus deglupta

IN ESSENCE, this list represents the universe of garden installations all over the island, the same crap, exactly in the same shape, way or form.
Thanks to 2uglas Kndelario, Edwin Gonzalez Bauza, Gabriel Berriz, Alberto Areces Mallea, and so many fools that will probably be as long as
one of my short posts.

You may question as to why one may be an intelligent speaker while using
stigmatized speech and a JERK if in possession of any of these plants in your back/front yard?

Simple, while one speaks one can not control the psychology, understanding of the listener. You know if the other is a feeble minded
character soon or later depending on your ability to grasp the nuances.
He may think you are the jerk not vice versa.

WITH A GARDEN, is not that difficult it is evident, it is front of your eyes.
IT does not depend on psychology. It is there. Is ugly, is everywhere.

The greatest stupidity in ANY GARDEN, if you believe there is C02, pollution and global warming, is to have a lawn, hedges and palm trees.
The all require use of polluting machines for their maintenance. Noise,
water waste and soil pollution in addition.

I propose a ban of lawns, hedges and palms...People who have, sell, install, them should be ostracized/fined, just as smokers are in many cultures. Place them in a corner. Get rid of these (plants) soon...The environment will be grateful. After all Nature does not need us. It will remain somehow when we pass away. Time to go.


Some palms
are excused
Dates, Cocos Nucifera and
Phoenix canariensis, only
in the right contexts.
Perhaps the beef with palms is the
exagerated overuse, they are
the easy way out.

Food for thought:
HOW can any jerk
reduce the possibilities
to the ones listed
when there are thousands?


Gordon Courtright
Timber Press

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