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viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010


EVERYONE as usual, talks and writes about those poor islanders not far away after the earthquake. They need this and that. Yet I do not see any
systematic plan for the long run. It is just love, bababing and bababang...
They need 18, 000 portable toilets...But no one says, think, fine but they
have to be cleaned. The waste has to be disposed safely. Here is an example of what to do with it, intelligently. I propose to use it to restore
the soil, destroyed after decades of eliminating most of the vegetation to
make charcoal.

A dairy cow, weighing 1,000 pounds, produces one-half more weight of manure in year than a horse, the percentage of water being much higher. The amount of nitrogen in the year's production of solid manure is practically the same as in case
of the horse; that in the liquid manure is greater; and the total amount is 156 pounds.
There is a little less phosphoric acid, but the potash runs up to 117 pounds, of which 108 are in the liquid manure. Using the scale of prices for normal times, the valuation
of the year's product is $29.00, or 2.19 per ton.

The pig usually is a highly fed animal, and 1,000 pounds live weight produce annually,
30,500 pounds of manure, containing 150 pounds of nitrogen, 114 pound of phosphoric acid and 128 pounds of potash, with a total valuation of 30. or $1.97 per

Sheep produces annually per 1,000 pounds of live weight 12,500 pounds of total excrement, containing 119 pounds of nitrogen, 44 pounds of phosphoric acid and
126 pounds of potash, having a value of $24.25 or $$3.88 per ton.

Pollito chicken, gallina hen... The manure from the chicken is very rich in nitrogen, averaging 1 per cent of nearly one-half more than horse manure. It also contains
eight tenths of one per cent of phosphoric acid, while horse manure contains only
one fourth of one per cent of potash. The high percentage of nitrogen and phosphoric
acid gives a valuation per ton of $4.40. And that is that.

So far one thing is evident, manure = money. Even when these stats are from 1917,
the only thing that may have changed is that one could get more money if the variables are kept. Even though my focus is gardening, ornamental and to a lesser extent edibles, the principles of cultivating crops for food are exactly the same. Healthy plants need nitrogen, phosphorous and potash or NPK.

Our neighbors in distress need food to sustain the population. Sterilization, abortion, condoms, to lower those abominable fertility rates, even with the high death birth rates per 100,000. They have to do it themselves, no one will. All that money, food will last a little longer, but will not forever, therefore, the soil, forest restoration and cultivaton has to start right away.

One suggestion that will not increase their nutrients in the national diet, or the mud
cookies, would be to plant massively Altocarpus altilis or BREADFRUIT. It will certainly provide starch during the whole year, contrary to other staples, that are
seasonal. This will not solve the problem, but will alleviate it. If it is not
part of the diet now, it is time to start planting now and enjoying it fried or boiled, later.

I am not your Mother Theresa stereotype, but I see too much sentimental crap about
every disaster. Check this out, one of those humanitarians, the despicable
academic kind, wrote something about the DIGNITY of the dead ones regarding mass burials. I have seen a lot of stupidity during my life...but nothing gets close to this. I could care less than a hogs fart about dignity after death. Dignity should be something perceived, felt when one is alive! The living conditions in many parts of the world are far beyond ANY imaginable DIGNITY. Lets do something with vision for the long run. Cut the sentimental crap now. Time to go.....


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Beato dijo...

Gee. Two manure related articles on a short span. Onsite treatment systems is what is required in Haiti (and here). Poor countries especially South America and Africa use anaerobic treatment (UASB, Anaerobic Digesters) to generate methane and therefore some electrical power. A good compost is generated for soils, a liquid fertilizer can be used for crops, plus it is sanitary. I have info for an article on my page, will post some time soon. This permanent infrastructure is required in Haiti, not more bottles of water and old clothing.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

I am glad Beato shares my perspective, with some expert opinion on what is required. I am only interested in agriculture/horticulture.

Methane? Who is going to do the installations, provide maintenance the UN?

Besides that I thank you for the visit, and consistent view on the issues.. The comment on the water and old clothing could not have been more effective. Congratulations....

AMOR dijo...

Hola horticultor, pasaba por tu casa a dejarte un fuerte abrazo y un besazo enorme, feliz San Valentin

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Saludos AMOROSA, besos y abrazos
siempre son bienvenidos...Igual a usted por aquellos pagos...

Suerte y exito!