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martes, 16 de febrero de 2010


COULD you think, remember anything more stupid to say, or write? Tina Turner would reply: "What's love got to do with it"? When I herd on BBC, that Dubai will pay 60 cents to the dollar, I thought that is that for speculators, bankers, securities, insurance and such. Well deserved...

On the other hand, Jakarta twenty years ago comes back to mind, and closer to home,
Puercorico, USA
. When I walk (something less and less fun) as the graffiti, abandoned buildings, posted bills on every possible wall with the next concert, commercial and private residences, foreclosured ones, garbage, highway/roads, streets moonscapes full of filled up uneven craters spreading as kudzu dominate the URBAN scenery, it is hard to be focused. UGLINESS RULES!

However when you read the everyday, getting worse shitty newspapers, it seems that only CRIME, worries the editors and staff. What is the big deal if less than a thousand islanders kill each other annually? After all, in South Africa the murder rate per 100,000 is 31.7, Central America 29.3,
West/Central Africa 25.9 and the Caribbean 18.1. According to Wikipedia. Therefore is a world trend, we are not special, that no ONE, is going to stop, JERKS.

So, I would suggest to stop taking the numbers out of context, publishing it in the first pages as they were from the Football Champions League in Europe. People kill themselves or the other for passion, madness, or drug trafficking. Why would anyone think that it is possible to reduce such statistics with more police or National Guards in the streets...If one is going to kill without possibility of remorse, one just waits.. If the geniuses in TV and Printed Media want
to do something original, place a ranking as it is done in sports...I believe Jamaica got the gold

Changing the subject, I declare some irritability at some blogs with the easy way out tendency
to publish photos of snow in the prairie, roof, on branches, icicles as if it is really something beautiful ALWAYS. For your humble servant there is no point..What would be the difference if living in the dessert, one would shoot SAND? With photos of sand in shoes, sandals, rug, by the windows, yard.... What is the difference? Even worst, why so many
people in cold places go and post about the same thing? Cold and SNOW. I am sick of it.

THEN what? Then is spring, the beauty and blooms.... Wonders the reader from FAR away lands..Which reminds me...all those new countries in the former Soviet Paper Tiger Empire, with the AKINOSTAN, ALLINOSTAN, ACANOSTAN, similar names are thinking? Just saw a documentary on the ancient SILK trade routes and saw for the first time, those immense, flat, devoid of trees lands without much beauty...It seems that some are Muslims and others are not...Enough reason to kill each other for worth less lands, moving the frontier line here or there..Why not get together to raise the cows/sheep, plant somethings to eat. COOPERATE,
have they heard of the European Community? How much stupidity is unbearable.

If anyone thinks what is wrong with our islander hero? Is he taking acid? NO my fellow intercontinental friends/foes, I am just sick of world stupidity and the insular, closer to home...
What about Venezuela, with all that oil, with electricity cuts, no water, no milk, nothing and getting worse..At least they elected their own Attila.. Following that train of thought, what is the big deal if Cuba has a Fidel Castro not elected, Mugabe is still down there, Chavez not far from here? The results are exactly, or almost the same, for the population in general.

Moving to the garden after this rant. The Pithelobium dulce was taken out of the pot
to reduce in one fifth the bottom root system. It is in a 18" by 20" plastic pot, measuring 6'. About two years old, planted from seed. Did not show much
stress after the radical surgery.

The Cyperus went into a deeper pot, a ten gallon. The Pandanus went the oppossite,
into a five. Some weeding activity was performed to allow the Cosmos more sun,
hidden from the Chinese violets..Two dwarfs Sanseverias and Rhoeo spathacea
are now keeping company to the Bouganvillea shown in some pictures to the right.
Now is time to go..

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La llenita dijo...

Estoy de acuerdo con que no debería prestarse importancia al mal llamado 'box score' de asesinatos. Sin duda alguna, las muertes en narcotráfico aquí no superan las muertes en otros países. Sin embargo, el 'box score' desensibiliza la muerte equiparándola con un deporte. Lo peor es que los que mueren por crimen solo son un una estadística, mientras que si muere Fulanita Santiesteban, ect. a ella sí la mencionan con nombre y apellido.

Antigonum Cajan dijo...

Concurro con lo que usted ha expresado.
Agradezco su visita.

Stephanie dijo...

Hello Antigonum, thanks for sharing you thoughts. Your post and comments are always new (new things to know) to me.

Happy gardening ok.